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11 Unexplored Destinations In India No Traveller Cannot Afford To Miss

The unique place that India is, it has a plethora of travel destinations. So diverse are the said places that many a very beautiful and worthy places get lost in the act of picking one spot to travel from many.

Here is a list of 11 such places, unexplored but unparalleled in beauty and surprise, that must not be missed by any ardent traveler.

1- Chadar- Frozen River Trek, Ladakh

Chadar Trek

Imagine walking on a river of ice! Considered as one of the most exciting and unique treks, this is a route to reach the snow-bound villages in Ladakh as snowfall blocks all passes and the few roads turn treacherous. Moreover, it is believed that the Chadar trek will cease to exist in its current form within 5 years due to the river movement. So, pack your bags and live this experience before it dies out!

  • Best time to visit: January and February

2- Papikondalu, Andhra Pradesh


Located in the East Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh, this beautiful gorge, created by three hills that make up the Papi Hills stand up like a beautiful wall on the Godavari River. Visitors are spell bound by the sheer rawness of beauty of nature here, on the cruises that take them into the gorge.

  • Best time to visit: October to January

3- Thar Desert Dune Bashing, Rajasthan

Thar Desert

We all have seen scenes in movies where sand dunes are bashed by cars at an exhilarating speed and you wanted to do something of the same sort? Well, not very far away from our reach, our own Thar Desert provides for the same. Hugely unexploited and still not popular, dune bashing in the Thar is an experience that will stay with you for a long time!

  • Best time to visit: October and February

4- Lakshadweep

Lakshadweep Islands

With amazing beaches, turquoise waters, pristine environment and a place out of the buzz of the city life, Lakshadweep is one place in India that has something for everyone. Far away from the Indian mainland, in the Arabian Sea, this cluster of pearls has islands that are very different from each other. So, while one might amaze you with bird life, the other will thrill you with the corals. Definitely a must visit place at least once in a lifetime.

  • Best time to visit: October to mid May

5. Malvan, Maharashtra


A historically and culturally important town, Malvan is located on Sindhdurg District of southern Maharashtra. Full of awe-inspiring forts and fascinating coastlines, this is a place that is a perfect retreat for anyone. It is well known for the Sindhdurg Fort, an important historical monument.

  • Best time to visit: November to February

6. Chitrakoot, Madhya Pradesh


A wonderful retreat for spiritual peace-seeking travelers, Chitrakoot in Madhya Pradesh provides with tranquility and a sense of connection with the divine. Densely dotted with temples, shrines and also natural wonder, this gift of nature and of the gods is one place that shows the confluence of beauty of nature and spirituality in one place.

  • Best time to visit: October to March



Close your eyes, imagine you are in midst of a snowfall and then add Odhisa into your dream. Seems impossible? Well, no. this small hill station in Odhisa is maybe the only one in the Indian tropics to receive snowfall, that too in a state where temperatures soar to unbearable degrees every summer. Surrounded by lush green rainforests that are filled with wildlife, this is one retreat that you would not want to miss.

  • Best time to visit: December and January

8- Majuli, Assam

Majuli Island

Majuli is the cradle where the Assamese culture grew and evolved. Majuli is also konw as sacred destinations of Assam. Housing centuries old culture in its landmass, surrounded by the mighty Brahmaputra on all the four sides, this riverine island, one of the largest in the world, is a marvel of nature. Pottery, mask making, dance and the beautiful sunset on the red horizon- you ask for it! It is also the largest seat of the Vaishnav religion in the world.

  • Best time to visit: October to February

9- Kishtwar Valley, Kashmir

Kishtwar Valley, Kashmir

The north is hiding among the Great Himalayas in Kishtwar Valley. On the highlands of Jammu and is one of the most remote and most ancient areas in India. It is famous among the Muslims for the tradition of Sufism, because this region is still in the house of two monks, who still attract these followers today. Most of the people who visited the Valley came to climb up to their grecier and huge mountains, including Sero Kishtwar and Hagushu. However, most of the year is closed in this region, because it is famously unusual weather.

  • Best time to visit: May to October

10- Mararikulam Beach, Kerala

Mararikulam Beach, Kerala

It is the most amazing stretch of soft sandy beach. Originated from ‘Mararikulam’, it still follows the traditional way of living. This limitless miles of sand is backed by oscillating palms where tourists can experience the charm of the site. Marari beach resort Kerala lies amidst the coconut groves. Built with an ethnic flavour, it houses 48 cottages and few of them also have the private swimming pools.

  • Best time to visit: September to May

11- Katarmal Sun Temple, Uttarakhand

Katarmal Sun Temple

Katarmal nearby the town houses the second most important Sun temple in the country. The first one is Konark Sun Temple in Orissa. Dating back to 800 years ago, this old temple complex houses one main temple, enveloped by 45 smaller shrines.

  • Best time to visit: March to June

If you think it’s done, its not! India is a wonderland blessed with the bounties of nature, warmth of its natives. Some of whom are still untouched by materialism and addiction of an insane rat race. You are a traveler or not, in both the cases you got to discover the true colors of this beautiful land by not just sneaking around those famous places but experiencing these unexplored lands away from the crowds and you never you might just get to meet someone you always waited for. YOU!

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