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5 Best GoToWebinar Alternatives in 2022

Best GoToWebinar Alternatives

Amidst the changes in dynamics that the pandemic has brought to our lives, the method of communication has also changed. The in-person way of communication has transformed into an online mode of communication. Many businesses have turned toward the online method of communication for interacting, sharing, and collaborating with their team and audiences. We can also say,

Online conferencing or webinars are the future of communication. Whether it’s Business to Business communication or Business to Customer communication, the online method of communication is the most preferred method of communication.

Webinars are online seminars that are very convenient to host and attend; without any geographical limitation, you can host the webinar from anywhere across the globe. Webinar saves the money and time of both host and attendees. But for hosting webinars we need a virtual platform, GoToWebinar, is one such online platform that provides virtual space for hosting webinars.

GoToWebinar is the most trusted platform that satisfies all your business communication needs. It has many features like HD video quality with automated recordings, etc. This online platform has poor customer service, and it is pricey also.

But don’t worry we have a handful of online platforms that offer

webcast and online conferencing services at very affordable prices. So if you are looking around for other online platforms for hosting your upcoming webinar, then you need to end your search here.

In this blog, we will guide you about a different online platform you can use instead of using GoTOWebinar. So let’s directly start our blog.


Mixhubb is one of the best-known online platforms for hosting online events and webinars. It delivers HD immersive and incredible branded webinars with an appealing platform. Mixhubb is a user-friendly and self-manageable platform, where you can instantly execute webinars. 

Mixhubb also offers beautifully designed virtual venues for your online events. Users can directly register for an event via any of their social media handles, and also they can choose a microsite template from the in-built library of Mixhubb. Mixhubb lets you customize the webinar and its content according to your needs. Using its customization features, you can also design, create and modify the registration landing page. By adding maps, images, and videos, you can add fun elements to your webinar. Along with this, you can instantly design a website for your event. You can boost the productivity of webinars by using its top-notch networking and engagement features.

Networking features include AI Matchmaking, Group chats, and breakout rooms. Its AI Matchmaking feature enables users of the same interest to interact with each other.

Mixhubb also provides many other features like HD screen sharing, recording, push images, handouts, and push notifications & announcements. Mixhubb also gives the option to have private chats or public chats. This online platform enables the host to bring any attendee on the screen. This online conference platform has robust analytics allowing users to analyze the performance of the webinar, along with this it also helps the users to get insights into the event.

Despite having so many advanced features, Mixhubb is the most affordable platform, and with its free trial, you can host unlimited webinars. For economical virtual events, Mixhubb is the best online platform.

Before hosting an event on Mixhubb, you also attend a free demo session to have an understanding of the virtual venues.


Demio is another comprehensive cloud-based platform that offers HD streaming video conferencing along with this it has integrated marketing tools for lead generation. It is also a customizable online platform where you can modify the events or webinars according to your need.

Demio offers features like recording, chats, handouts, and polls. Along with this, Demio also provides waiting rooms for users. It offers robust analytics to monitor insights of the webinar

Email automation and event reminders are the additional features that make it the online platform for a new era.


If you are a newcomer to the virtual event market or the webcasting market, then WebinarJam is perfect for you. It is user- a friendly and easy-to-use platform where hosting a webinar is a very smooth process. WebinarJam is a multi-browser-compatible online platform, which means users don’t need to have any specific browser for accessing this platform. This online conference platform supports automatic recording and has an inbuilt autoresponder. It has features like integration with various social media platforms, a user-friendly dashboard, and interface, etc. It pops up products or services during the webinars; users can instantly buy the product from the webinar. WebinarJam also provides excellent customer support in case you need some help


Crowdcast is a user-friendly platform where you can host live engaging webinars like a pro. It is a browser-based platform that makes it very convenient to execute webinars from any browser. Also, this online conference platform is multi-device compatible users can attend the webinar or can go live from any device. With Crowdcast, users can broadcast their online events to social media platforms like Facebook Live and YouTube Live to widen their attendee’s reach. Along with the webinars on Crowdcast, you can also host live shows, and take online classes, virtual summits, virtual festivals, and hybrid events. Crowdcast offers features like invitations, polls, Q&A, analytics, email and push notifications, etc. It has integration with streaming software like OBS, Wirecast, etc.


Zoom is a cloud-based user-friendly and most popular online conference platform. It offers a quick and easy setup with HD video and audio for online conferencing. Zoom lets you have public and private chats in case of any interruption during the webinar. Zoom offers features like screen sharing, app sharing, virtual whiteboards, dashboards, etc. With Zoom, you can record the meetings and can keep a backup of those meetings. All above that Zoom is a free platform where you can have online conferences and webinars at no cost.

So, if you are planning to host webinars and are not liking GoToWebinar anymore or want to explore another online platform, then we hope this blog will help you out. You can select any of the above-mentioned online platforms for hosting an engaging webinar.

Kaylee Johnson

I am professional blogger. I am currently researching and writing more on Customizable virtual event platform as they have become the new trend in the events industry. I am finding out the most economical event hosting platforms available in the market.

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