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5 Ways to Use Sage Smudge Spray to Boost Your Magical Practice

Smudging with sage smoke is a practice that many people use in Native American rituals, and it’s also commonly used in Wiccan circles and other forms of witchcraft around the world. Not only can smudging with sage help to cleanse your space of any negativity or lingering energies, but it can also promote positive vibrations, as well as set the intention for your magical practice session. In this article, we’ll explore 5 ways to use sage and spray to boost your magical practice today!

1) Add it to your water for a spiritual cleanse

Any time you want to do a cleanse or ritual that involves getting rid of negative energies, sage is your best friend. By including it in your diet regularly, you’ll ensure that you have a natural and powerful tool on hand. You can use smudge spray by adding water and spraying yourself down with it—the spray leaves a lingering scent behind as well. But sage is more than just an air freshener; it’s also been shown to boost brain activity, help with mental disorders like depression and anxiety, and decrease pain and inflammation. So if you feel run down or unfocused, giving yourself a dose of healing herbs is always beneficial.

2) Sprinkle some on the floor of a sacred space

Sage can be used in a variety of ways to increase your level of magic, from purifying and cleansing areas where you practice witchcraft or magic, to casting circles and warding off evil. Sprinkle some on the floor of your sacred space before your spell crafting begins for added power. Or you could add it to homemade incense blends for similar results. The possibilities are endless! A little goes a long way when using sage spray—so don’t be afraid to apply liberally. Also keep in mind that there are other ways to incorporate smudging into your practice. In some traditions, burning sage is considered purification ritual; if you want an energy boost during spell work, try smoking a stick of sage instead of lighting candles or incense!

3) Keep a bottle in your bag for whenever you need it

Ever been out and about in your day-to-day life, when suddenly you feel like you need a good cleansing of energy? Whether it’s because someone got too close for comfort on public transportation or you feel bombarded by negativity from people around you, sometimes your aura needs some love. Before fending off stress with food, consider smudging—it’s an easy way to send white light out into our chaotic world. Sage smudge spray is one of my favorite ways to keep myself cleansed, refreshed and ready for magic—not just during ritual but throughout my day. Just one spritz from these beautiful bottles keeps me grounded and centered no matter where I am or what I’m doing.

4) Use sage smudge spray in spells and potions

Many witches and warlocks will tell you that using smudge spray in spells and potions is an easy way to boost your magic. And it’s true! By combining sage or other smudging herbs with a base oil such as olive, coconut, or grape seed, you can create an easy-to-use ritual blend for any situation. This blend also makes a wonderful addition to homemade bath salts for a relaxing soak after long days of spellcasting. Plus it’s great for cleansing your house or office!

5) Use it to cleanse yourself after working with or around negative energies

One of my favorite ways to use sage smudge spray is as a self-cleansing tool. This can be especially useful after doing spells, ceremonies, or working with other people who might have negative energies. If you feel like there’s something weighing you down and making it hard for you to focus, try cleansing yourself and your aura with sage smudge spray. (If you don’t have any sage on hand, lavender spray can also be used for these purposes.

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