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7 Best Ways To Make Transitioning Your Curly Hair Wigs Easier

Transitioning to natural curly wigs can feel like a literal return to your roots. It’s awe-inspiring to see your curls in their natural state again. However, there is some anxiety in dealing with two very different types of curly hair wigs while maintaining your sense of style and caring for your new growth.

Here are seven pointers to help you make the transition to natural curly wigs.

1. Protective Styles

This will alleviate some of the stress associated with styling hair that is one part naturally curly wigs and one part chemically straightened. Here are a few options to help hide the fact that you’re transitioning your hair.

  1. Braids in the box
  2. Curls with a flexi rod
  3. Twists that are flat
  4. Bantu knot outs and twist outs

Remember that you can cover your new growth with hair accessories such as headbands and scarves. To do the opposite, use buns and Bantu knots to tuck your curly ends anal escort istanbul away.

2. Detangle Your Curly Hair Wigs

There is a fine line between your natural hair and your curly hair wigs. You’ll need to brush and comb with caution at this point to avoid unnecessary breakage.

3. Consistently Moisturize Curly Wigs

Moisture keeps your natural hair soft and pliable. It will be less likely to break at the previously mentioned line of demarcation. Using a hydrating and moisturizing conditioner after each shampooing session is extremely beneficial. Of course, regular deep conditioning is essential if you want to give your natural curly wigs the attention it deserves.

4. Don’t Use Heat Styling

If you must use heat, make sure to first apply a heat protectant. And it’s not just heat that you should be concerned about when transitioning your curly hair wigs. Texturizers should also be avoided. They, like relaxers, alter your natural curl pattern.

5. Nourish Hair Scalp

Did you know that your hair strands are actually dead tissue? The living cells of your hair are found in the hair follicles inside your scalp. It’s the hub of all the growing action. That’s more than enough reason to keep your scalp healthy as you transition to natural hair. With nutrient-rich natural oils for curly hair wigs, you can give your scalp a healthy boost.

6. Regularly Trim

Trimming away damaged ends every six weeks is the best way to limit breakage. It will also assist you in gradually removing your processed hair as your natural hair grows. Shaving your head, on the other hand, is a more “clean slate” step. Some women find that these two styles complement their desire to start over as they embrace their natural hair.

7. Pay Attention To Your Natural Curly Wigs

Keep track of the state of your transitioning hair by making notes in your hair journal. Make a list of which products performed well and which you will never use again. Make a note of the style plan we discussed at the start of the article. Make a note of which styles worked best for your hair so you can try them again in the future.

Wearing natural curly wigs after a long gap can be difficult since caring curly hair wigs are tiresome process. Inform yourself with these tips to boost your natural curly wigs to different coily hair styles in the best way. These seven tips will also help to keep in the best shape. 

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