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8 Tips for Staying Acne Free After a Wax

Waxing can be painful but, it gets even worse if you have acne. The first and foremost rule of having acne is not to touch nor irritate the skin and keep it like that until it heals properly. It is already painful to touch pimples and waxing on top of it would cause more harm than usual. Therefore, it is crucial to keep in mind that you should stay away from waxing when you have acne for the time being. However, there are times when after waxing, you get prone to acne. When you get salon services at home, you will get amazing tips about waxing from professionals that you do not know before. Hence, here are some ways how you can stay away from acne after waxing.

  • Clean Before Waxing

It is important to keep your skin clean no matter what you do. Even before putting on makeup, it is ideal to clean your skin before. The best way how you can take care of acne after waxing is to be strict about the before tasks of waxing. Therefore, you should go through a good exfoliation before you opt for waxing. This will help in not developing an infection after your session of waxing. You should don’t exfoliate a day before but a couple of days before waxing.

If you exfoliate a day before then there are chances of getting a rash or some type of reaction. Therefore, you should exfoliate some days before your waxing session so that your skin can calm down. If you skip this part then all the clogged-up bacteria will result in acne after the session.

  • Avoid Using Oils

It is always best if you don’t use any type of oil before your waxing session. This will fill up all the pores and then will result in pimples. Oils have numerous benefits to the skin but they would only work best during some specific occasions. Therefore, it is important to have a set routine when it comes to oils. Hence, it would be best if you don’t use moisturizers as well that contain some type of oils in them. The best cream you can use is aloe vera which is a great thing to use after waxing too. Aloe vera will help soothe out the skin making it less have less irritating.

  • Don’t Wear Tight Clothes

One mistake done is wearing tight layers of clothing after waxing. Acne is prone to be anywhere on the whole body which is why you need to take care. Wearing tight skin can affect the skin in a negative way. After waxing, your skin needs to breathe and have some sort of air movement. This will cause all the sweat to settle in one place which will have nowhere else to go. This will also result in clogging up your pores. This build-up will lead to acne especially after waxing. Wearing the right clothes have another problem. There will be sweat but, in some places, the skin will be more dry than usual. Therefore, this will cause irritation which will initially work its way up to acne.

  • Don’t Pop The Pimples

Even after working on your skin, you can still get pimples out of the blue. However, one way how you can reduce this is by not popping them. Your acne is going to get worse if you keep popping them again and again. That is because the bacteria will not leave and you will spread it out even more. If you touch your acne skin and place your hands somewhere else, that area is prone to get pimples too. Therefore, even if you get pimples after waxing, make sure that you are not popping them.

  • Clean The Area After Waxing

This relates to the first point given. However, it is crucial to keep in mind that cleaning the skin after is also important. The skin after waxing becomes more supple and also vulnerable. The waxing does not only remove hair but, also removed dead skin and other bacteria from the skin. Hence, you will need to give your skin some time to recover and after that, you need to ensure you are taking care of your skin. You can use aloe vera gel, rose water, or other moisturizers that will hydrate your skin.

  • Keep A Good Schedule

It is important to have a schedule when it comes to waxing. You cannot go every once in a while to get it done. This will make your skin feel irritated and it will also grow acne. Therefore, have a settled routine when it comes to waxing and use the right wax for your skin type.

  • Don’t Exercise

Exercising is a type of mental therapy for a ton of people. However, it would be best if you pause it for some time after waxing. That is because the sweat will clog up your pores which will result in acne. Hence, you can start your exercise routine some days after your waxing session.

  • Refrain From Touching

Touching the skin will add more bacteria to it because hands have accumulated the most dust and other particles. Therefore, you should refrain from touching the area that got waxed so that the bacteria does not build up.

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