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9 Interesting Reasons To Choose MEAN Stack

In the context of software development, “Stack” is a mixture of different programming languages and software to develop innovative mobile or web applications. Today, software companies are adopting a method that combines other technologies to facilitate easier and faster web development.

For instance, the acronym LAMP (software bundle) is an abbreviation to mean Linux (operating system), Apache (web server), MySQL (database management system), and PHP, PERL, or Python (server-side scripting language).

Additionally, there’s a brand new technology stack popular with developers for its potential use in web design. It’s the MEAN stack. MEAN Stack. What exactly is mean stack developer, and why is it well-known?

What Does Mean Stack Indicate?

Mean Stack is a collection of JavaScript techniques used to build web-based applications. Thus from the client’s end to the server and then from the server to the database, everything is made in JavaScript. MEAN can be described as a complete stack software development toolkit that allows you to create efficient and robust web-based applications.

MEAN is an intuitive stack that is ideal for creating interactive websites and applications. The open-source and free Stack is a simple and well-organised method of developing quick prototypes for web-based applications.

MEAN is prepared up from four different technologies:

  • MongoDB express describes as a schema-free NoSQL database system
  • Express JS is a framework used to create web applications using Node
  • AngularJS is a JavaScript structure advanced by Google
  • js serves as a client-side JavaScript execution environment

What Is A Stack Developer?

The MEAN Stack developer is a JavaScript programming language mainly working on the MEAN stack (MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, NodeJS). Mean stack developer is responsible for the two backends in the front-end application which are all JavaScript, which is why the average developer must have knowledge of JavaScript.

Why Do You MEAN Stack?

This article will give you the top 9 reasons to select the MEAN stack for firms and software developers.

1) Single Language Development

The primary reason to hire mean stack developer over other stacks is the usage of a common language for all the development processes, i.e., that it can use both on the client and server sides. Because all this technology is written in JavaScript, Web development gets more organised.

Let’s discuss this with the Stack, LAMP. You write your application in PHP on your server and are querying MySQL data by using SQL and JavaScript in the client.

Imagine what will happen if you only have one language in mind? NodeJS is an application platform that provides JavaScript implementation to the server side, and AngularJS also utilises JavaScript for the front end. Therefore, JavaScript is everywhere.

2.) Mongodb

The ability to store and display data is the primary aspect of any application, and MongoDB is an excellent option for a database system for managing large amounts of data.

Unlike any other database, it is much easier to upgrade the entire database in MongoDB. In MongoDB, the documents are the exact resemblance to objects that writes within object-oriented programming.

3.) Express JS

Express is a backend framework that provides users with a simple interface for creating/requesting endpoints, handling cookies, etc. Below are some of the main characteristics that are part of this framework.

This allows middleware to respond to HTTP requests.

A routing table is a set of rules that execute various actions following HTTP Methods and URLs.

It allows dynamic rendering of HTML pages by sending arguments to templates.

4.) Angular JS

Angular.js is a front-end JavaScript development framework that allows developers to create single-page apps. It is a simple method of integrating collaborative AJAX-rich components driven by AJAX and function to clients. One of the most modern features of AngularJS is that you can use it to create single-page applications that do not require users to refresh pages when they check out constantly.

5) Node Js

Node.js is a powerful JavaScript-base framework/platform base upon Google’s JavaScript V8 Engine. It uses to build I/O heavy web applications such as single-page websites, video streaming, and many other web-based applications.

Written in JavaScript, which is an open source and cross-platform application, is what makes NodeJS an ideal option for applications that use Real-Time. Another benefit of NodeJS is that it is OS independent, i.e., it operates at the same speed as Windows, OS X, and Linux and can be use to develop using any OS without difficulty.

6.) Json (Javascript Object Notation) Everywhere

Each AngularJS and NodeJS use JSON, and MongoDB stores information in JSON format. This format is ideal for larger projects. In all of our applications, we use JSON, and it is unnecessary to reformat the data.

7) Cost-Effective

Any business, should they decide to build Hubspot api developer Hubspot api integration, can develop the MEAN Stack application as they need not hire various specialists to work on only one project. A handful of JavaScript specialists are sufficient to manage the entire system from beginning to end.

The cost of deployment for an application created in the MEAN stack is lower since the components are available for free and can run with any server.

This way, it will be easier to switch front-end frameworks between others, such as ReactJS, Vue, and the various Angular versions, without affecting the backend logic or systems.

8.) Components That Are Free And Open Source

All MEAN stack components are open source and updated regularly, allowing developers to customise the code according to their requirements. Additionally, NodeJS has an extensive library that includes JavaScript modules.

9.) Global Community Support

Unending support from leaders in the industry and other communities, such as AngularJS, NodeJS, and MongoDB. For instance, MongoDB is the foremost NoSQL database source. The top 8 hosting providers around the globe are running NodeJS natively, and large companies like Google have supported AngularJS. NPM is the most extensive package ecosystem use to make solutions.

Benefits Of Mean Stack

Here are some of the principal reasons to utilise Mean Stack technology

  • It allows the creation of open-source software that could create durable and reliable solutions.
  • Facilitates the rapid development of applications.
  • MEAN can be described as full-stack JavaScript that is entirely free. Make use of JavaScript’s popularity.
  • Make sure you use consistent language throughout your Stack
  • It helps you reduce the need for groundwork and helps keep your application in order.
  • MongoDB is designed to work with the cloud.

Full Hubspot api developer begin their work only after completing a bachelor’s degree in computer science or engineering.

Graduates with master’s degrees are far more sought-after in this area. The hiring manager is searching for at least two years of experience in web development and programming, explicitly using Javascript, CSS, and HTML.

In recent times, increasing numbers of recruiters have been hiring blockchain developers. Full stack developers can specify the application’s scope and scope and scope, and they develop technical and functional specifications for printing documents.

They can tackle practical issues and handle various situations, but the experience of full-stack developers limits them. Full stack developers can solve any problem we face when encountering web development based on their experiences and how they work with their colleagues.

The above-described points and responsibilities are the most critical traits of full-stack developers; consequently, they’re an essential component of any business.


The Mean stack development company offers advanced features that help make development quick and straightforward. It also utilises the advantages of modern single-page apps since it doesn’t need to refresh a page every time a server uses it, as traditional web-based applications require.

These are just a few reasons MEAN Stack is so prevalent in application development and has been growing in popularity.

Aakash shah

The marketing consultant for Binstellar in Ahmedabad, India, is Aakash Shah. User experience expert and brand strategist, he is eager to take on challenges that benefit the company’s growth. He spends his creative time on writing interesting and informative articles for leading blogging platforms.

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