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A Beginner’s Guide to SuiteCRM Google Sign-in Integration plugin

Our Sales Department team was not good at learning the credentials of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software. Most of the time they asked the admin to share the password and all. Sometimes it was an annoying situation. Therefore, we searched for the best extension for the CRM software and what we got is the SuiteCRM Google Sign-in Integration extension for our business. What it is and what role the plugin is playing in this forgotten password situation? 

Google Sign-In integration extension to save your time

Outright Store has introduced a plugin for those who don’t always remember the credentials of CRM called Google Sign-in where this plugin helps you to log-in in just one click. Your credentials will always remains there and what you have to do is just click on the log-in icon to enter into your CRM world. Simple! It’s not like entering the ID Password all the time. We want everyone to try this advanced plugin to save their quality of time. In addition, you don’t need to remember the login credentials of your SuiteCRM. On a level, the plugin also enhances the security and integrity of your CRM. Because you don’t need to save the login username and password on any document.

What’s more special about this add-on? 

Suppose you want to use your Gmail credentials here to enter into the CRM software. You can easily log in while using Gmail credentials. Our add-on can be helpful for this task also. You will see the “Sign-in with Google” option placed below the Log-in. We guess it’s a perfect place for every user. 

We are happy to say that SuiteCRM Google Sign-in is a remarkable plugin for businesses of every size. Like if you are running your Call Center CRM business or working in the IT industry, this add-on is durable. 

Key Features of Google Sign-in plugin?

Below jotted points are the strong reasons why you must adapt this plugin in your business. Have a look-

  • When you create a new user account you can assign the roles and teams. 
  • Surprisingly, the admin of your CRM can set G-suite for sign-in users. 
  • The plugin is time-saving for sure. No need to type and enter ID Password every time. 
  • Only Admin can turn off the normal log-in functionality for security purposes. Security is always at the top priority so this feature might be helpful sometimes. 

Below we are going to share a video of the SuiteCRM Google Sign-in Integration add-on. But one more thing we want to uncover for our readers. If you like this product and want to purchase it then it may cost you $199.00. Also, we can share the “Free Product Tour” to understand the Configuration and Installation of it. 

About Outright Store

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Purchase the best SuiteCRM and SugarCRM extensions from Outright Store. We have built some amazing products for your CRM business that are easy to install and offering some excellent features. Your business needs great add-ons for handling every single operation. So, we have all amazing free and paid products for your CRM. Try some rich addons like Email to Lead, Global hide manager, Email drip campaign, Twilio click to call, Database backup and restore, User activity monitor, and more. Even if you need any assistance related to your versatile CRM, then we can help you. The team can offer the services such as data migration, installation, integration, and more.

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