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Air Conditioning Myths That are Costing You Money

When it comes to HVAC, most of us aren’t experts, but with a simple online search, we may get the answers we’re looking for. However, there is a great deal of misinformation available on the internet on the best ways to maintain your air conditioning. Let’s discuss Air Conditioning Myths with air conditioning repair London.

You’ve Probably Heard These Air Conditioning Myths

Turning the thermostat all the way down can help your house cool down faster.

It will always take time to cool a room or the whole house. Setting your thermostat to its lowest setting will still cause your air conditioning unit to operate at the same speed. With a thermostat that can be programmed, you may be able to better control the temperature. Turn up the heat a few degrees before leaving, and then turn it back down when you come back inside your house. As a result, the temperature will neither rise nor fall dramatically.

Adapt the temperature of your home’s thermostat to your own tastes and the weather 

Outside. You’ll save more money if you adjust your thermostat to match the outdoor temperature. Your window air conditioner may have three different settings: “low,” “medium,” and “high.” The fastest way to cool things down is to use the maximum setting, but don’t forget to change it after you’ve reached your ideal temperature. For air conditioning repair London, talk to our experts today! 

In terms of performance and results, larger air conditioning units are superior.

When an air conditioner’s capacity exceeds the cooling capability of the room it is intended to cool, the compressor is forced to cycle on and off often, which wears it out, reduces its lifespan, and consumes a lot of power. Small spurts of activity might enable heat and humidity to return to the home over time, resulting in long-term harm. Choosing an air conditioner that is too small has the same effect. Even if it won’t work properly, it’ll take a lot of electricity since the AC will keep running to keep your house cool. Starting to save money on your energy bill is as simple as selecting the proper size air conditioner. For air conditioning installation in London, schedule your free consultation today. 

For a full year, air filters do not need to be replaced.

Air filters collect dust, mold, and other particles of debris that are not only hazardous to your health but also contribute to poor airflow, which makes your air conditioner have to work more to maintain a comfortable environment. Because of this, there is a significantly increased demand for power, which leads to higher utility costs.

Dust and other microscopic particulates in the air may be successfully remove from the environment by using a filter that has been well clean. However, a filthy filter may make the air quality inside your home worse since it acts as a reservoir for dirt and other airborne pollutants, which are then continually recirculate into your air after being remove from the filter. The best way to maintain clean air in your home is to replace your air filters at the intervals recommended by the manufacturer. Our HVAC experts can guide you with domestic or commercial air conditioning maintenance in no time. 

It’s preferable to wait until your current air conditioner breaks down before getting a new one.

Despite the initial expense of purchasing a new air conditioning unit, it will save you more money in the long run than keeping and running an old one. Today’s heating and air-conditioning systems are more efficient and consume less energy than those developed only 10 to 15 years ago. The greater the SEER, the less energy it consumes and the less expensive it is to run. When deciding whether or not to buy a new air conditioning unit, take into account the age of your current unit, the cost of repairs, and the general performance of the system. Your choice on whether to buy a new air conditioning system will be easier if you consider all of your alternatives thoroughly.

Temperature or Air Quality are not affected by the location of the thermostat.

The location of your thermostat is critical to the operation and efficiency of your air conditioning system. Always keep your thermostat away from heat or cooling sources and centrally located to receive an accurate readout of your home’s temperature… Your money and energy might be wast if you position your thermostat in the wrong spot in your house. Having a well-placed thermostat will allow you to manage the temperature in your house to your satisfaction.

Fans Help Cool a Room.

Fans circulate the air in a space, but they do not alter the temperature of the air. The fact that it generates a wind-chill effect, however, means that it has the potential to make you feel colder. Because of this, it is a perfect choice for situations in which you want to cool down without lowering the thermostat. Fans are not meant to cool down places; rather, they are made to cool down individuals.

Close Vents in Rooms That Aren’t Being Used.

The air circulation in your house gets thrown off if you close vents in areas that aren’t using. As a result, your air conditioner has to work harder to keep up with the increased demand.

With a ceiling fan, you may save money on your air conditioning bill.

The efficiency of your air conditioner will not be improve by installing a ceiling fan.

Using a ceiling fan does not chill the air, but rather circulates it. With a fan, you may be able to raise your thermostat a little bit. You’ll save money by doing this. The cost of operating a central air conditioning system is 36 cents per hour. But the cost of running a ceiling fan, which uses 30 watts, is one cent per hour. Your savings and comfort may be optimize with the help of both of these products.

Checking your air conditioner is a waste of time if you have a more recent model.

If you do own a more cutting-edge and energy-efficient air conditioner. Do you not want it to continue functioning in that manner for the longest amount of time possible?

Regular maintenance and cleaning will keep your unit operating at peak performance and allow technicians to identify and address. It any possible issues that may have arisen during the winter. 

The leading air conditioning company in London is here to help. Contact the Air Con Company to get start with installation, repairs, and maintenance. 

Mark Steven

At Aircon Company UK, Mark Steven is a marketing consultant with a far-sighted vision and an open-minded approach. Mark contributes to Air Con's brand exposure, reputation, and commercial success. Aside from that, he is eager to contribute his knowledge by writing blogs about the sector.

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