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Are rats attracted to Composite Decking?

Decking, particularly high decking, provides plenty of hiding places for animals like rats and raccoons. If you have decking in your yard, especially if it is high, rats may be able to hide beneath it. Most homeowners want to know if installing komposittrall would lead their yard to become infested with rats. Is composite decking a rat magnet? That question will be answered in this article.

Composite Decking in the Garden

Composite Decking in the Garden 

Composite decking is a type of outdoor flooring that homeowners use to expand their outdoor living area. With you and your family will have a great place to relax and host parties. One option to make your garden more attractive is to build decking. It’s worth noting that your garden will have flowers and, sometimes, fruit trees. There will also be droppings in your garden. This will provide a home for a variety of animals, including raccoons, rats, and other pests.

Composite Decking and Rats

Rats are one of the animals that you may encounter in your garden. You should be aware that whether you put composite decking in your garden or not, rats will be present. Rats enjoy burrowing in order to reach their food source. Their food source might be in your garden or at a nearby house. rats beneath the decking Whatever the situation may be, rats will use whatever methods necessary to get there. Rats often find it challenging to go from their food source to their hiding place. This is where the idea of concealing behind composite decking comes into play. Rats can hide behind raised composite decking in your yard and use it as a source of food.

Why do rats hide under Composite Decking?

If you put it in your garden, you’ll find rats sheltering below it for a variety of reasons. Rats will hide beneath your decking for a variety of reasons, one of which is to access their food. Another example is if you feed your pet and yard birds.

Rats use composite decking to reach their food source.

Rats would use composite decking as a refuge to reach their food supply while avoiding human eyes, as we previously said. Their food may be found almost anywhere in your home. If your kitchen is near your garden, it might be a rat’s favorite food source. If you put your food in a shop that isn’t well-secured and close to your garden, rats may use it as a feeding source. Rats will be an issue if your raised decking is close to your home since they will constantly hide beneath it and other dark locations they locate.

Fruits that are edible in your garden

Do you have in your garden and have noticed that rats have taken up residence beneath it? You should look around your yard to see whether there are any edible fruits. Apart from accessing your kitchen to devour your food, rats and other pests munch on fruits. A garden may serve as a natural home for rats and other pests, as well as a breeding ground for them. Rats can therefore hide beneath composite decking. They’ll use your as a hideaway to kill the fruits in your garden in this manner.

Dogs to Feed

Dogs to Feed

It’s worth noting that rats scavenge for food as they travel from one location to another. If you have dogs and allow them out in your garden, you may want to feed them there. The majority of homeowners will feed their dogs on their composite decking. If your dog is consuming the food, you may see some droppings. As a result, if rats find food droppings under or on top of your decking, it might become a rat hideaway. Bird Feeding Rats can hide beneath your composite decking to have access to the food droppings if you maintain birds in your yard. If you don’t have a bird feeder, this can happen.


Is it true that composite decking attracts rats? When rats are attempting to gain access to your food supply, they may use your composite decking as a hiding place. They can even come over to eat the food if you feed your dog or pet on your deck.

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