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Areas receive new or temporary teachers

Establishments located in the most deprived areas must receive resources adapted to their audiences, with a view to positive discrimination. We observe, quite often the opposite: colleges in residential areas secure the best equipment (local authorities do not lack the money to supplement the standard endowment) and welcome the most experienced teachers, because of the choice related to seniority and Diploma of IT. For the opposite reasons, colleges located in underprivileged areas receive new or temporary teachers and work in precarious material conditions.

It is not enough to practice positive discrimination in terms of equipment and human resources, in the spirit of priority education Diploma of IT. It would be important to recognize that schools have a certain degree of curricular autonomy, allowing them to adapt content and requirements to the reality of students and their environment. This also applies to other areas, characterized by a particular settlement.

Several countries with a centralizing tradition have recently tried to relax the curricular standards, while the decentralized countries are more concerned with setting national standards. The problem must therefore be managed in each context and according to the type of objectives assigned to schooling.

In some countries, for example, France, the risk of the erosion of national unity is often mentioned. Let us measure the opposite risk: in a certain number of regions, districts, or establishments, the national program is pure fiction. Teachers and managers deploy excessive energy to pretend that they are in the norm when they would do better to take into account the reality of students and families.

When it is a question not of covering an impressive series

One of the ways to make the curriculum reasonable and flexible is to publish only the framework. Syllabuses and to write them in terms of high-level training objectives rather than as lists of content to teach. Many objectives can be reconciled with different contents. One can, for example, learn to reason, solve problems, or communicate using various contents, which makes. It is possible to take into account the local or regional culture as well as the interests of the pupils. In the disciplines, when it is a question not of covering an impressive series of themes, but of initiating. The foundations, the problems, and the concepts which structure a field of knowledge. Teachers or schools should be able to choose the most meaningful to their students.

As part of a systemic strategy to make the school more effective, it would be inexcusable to ignore the programs. Building a curriculum that is more reasonable, more flexible, and more oriented toward demanding. The objective is a titanic undertaking, which cannot fail to give rise to major ideological conflicts. The intervention of various lobbies quick to defend the status quo. Here again, therefore, certain political courage is need.

However, this thesis deserves three comments

1. No education system currently has a satisfactory alternative model, at least on a large scale. The reorganization of school work is a project Diploma of IT in which it is urgent to invest, but which we cannot hope to close quickly.

2. No organization of work will dispense teachers from assuming a part of the differentiation. In pedagogical and didactic interaction with students; we cannot, therefore, delegate everything to the devices.

3. Nothing will achieve without a significant increase in the level of skills. Teachers in terms of differentiated teaching, organization of work, a grouping of students, and monitoring of progress. Engineering of training on the scale of a multi-year learning cycle, or an entire school.

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