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Artificial Grass Accessories

An Artificial grass installation requires various accessories to ensure proper performance and maintenance. Artificial grass accessories may include: Infill, Weed membrane, Shock pads, Dolly, and two-component turf glue. Read on to discover the best Artificial grass accessories for your installation. Here, we discuss the four most important accessories for your turf:

Artificial Grass Accessories


When you’re ready to install your new artificial grass, you need to choose an infill material. There are several options, including rubber, sand, and recycled rubber. Rubber comes in two types: black crumb, made of recycled tires, and EPDM, which is virgin rubber. The former is more expensive, but contains less contaminants. Sands, on the other hand, come in many varieties, ranging from silica to advanced man-made sand. The former has jagged edges, while more advanced man-made varieties are rounded and include additives.

Another option is green silicone dioxide infill. This material is ideal for synthetic turf lawns where the transmission of bacteria is a concern. The antimicrobial properties of Envirofill prevent bacteria and mold from growing. It is comfortable for children to play on, while staying cooler than other infill options. Added benefits: Whether your synthetic grass is used for sports or is used for a pet park, infill can help make the turf more comfortable.

Sand is another choice for infill. Silica infill can be used in high-traffic areas, while rubber can be too delicate. Sand can also trap pet odors. In this case, it is better to choose a different type of infill. In addition, sand does not absorb moisture, which could cause premature fiber breakdown. This option is also easy to maintain and will still give you the same natural look and feel.

Weed membrane

Weed membrane is a great accessory for any installation of synthetic grass. This protective layer keeps weeds from growing through the turf. The material is designed to be resistant to both UV rays and moisture, ensuring your lawn looks and feels great for years to come. The weed suppressant membrane is easily applied with a single-component adhesive, which is easy to apply and does not require any mixing or hardeners. It bonds quickly and effectively even if the materials are not completely dry. It spreads and cures quickly, which means that the installation season and working day are extended.

While artificial grass is a low-maintenance option, it is still susceptible to weed infestation. If you don’t rake it regularly or keep it soiled with debris, weeds can grow and cause a mess. To avoid weeds in your new turf, you can purchase a weed membrane. You can install this product twice – over the base and under the surface. A weed membrane will also help if you have a pet, as it will suck up the weeds and diluted poop.

Another good choice is a geotextile membrane. This material blocks light but is still permeable. This material is a great option for covering artificial grass and is not only attractive to look at but also protects the surrounding soil from weeds. Geotextile membranes are the best choice for artificial grass accessories, as they don’t snag on the turf’s backing. The best solution for weed control under decking is a weed suppressant suitable for decking.

Shock pads

While foam shock pads are optional for most synthetic turf installations, foam underlay is a great option for playground equipment and decorative turf. Shock pads help cushion falls and feel softer underfoot. Shock pads for artificial grass are a worthwhile investment, and they also make for a beautiful landscape addition. Listed below are some of the advantages and disadvantages of foam underlays. When used properly, they can reduce the risk of injuries and accidental damage to the synthetic lawn.

Shock pads for artificial grass can enhance the safety of synthetic turf. They are designed to absorb the moisture that synthetic grass tends to collect. Some shock pads can also be weed resistant, which can save you time and effort weeding the synthetic lawn. This is one of the most popular types of underlays for synthetic grass. The Artificial Lawn Company stocks two types of shock pads for artificial grass. You can choose the one that is most appropriate for your situation and your budget.

Shock pads for artificial grass help reduce the risk of injuries by absorbing shock and reducing trauma. Children and athletes are the most frequent users of these surfaces, and shock pads are essential to ensure that everyone is safe while playing. They can also increase the lifespan of an artificial grass pitch. These pads are important for meeting various sports code regulations. The benefits of shock pads are numerous. These pads help to prolong the life of an artificial grass pitch and improve overall performance.


Moving a large piece of artificial grass may be difficult and time consuming. You may need at least three people, and the third person should carefully navigate corners to ensure the lawn doesn’t become damaged. It’s advisable to cover the artificial grass with plastic before moving it, as sharp edges can damage the surface. Using a Dolly for artificial grass can also help you avoid damage to the ground. Although the moving process may seem like a hassle, the end result will be worth the time and money.

If you are installing the grass yourself, you should purchase a Dolly for artificial grass. A Dolly is an extremely useful tool that can be very helpful during installation. It allows you to place the turf in a more convenient and safer location. The Dolly can also be helpful in transporting the turf from one location to another. In case you need to move the turf, the Dolly can make the job much easier for you.

Before installing artificial grass, you should get the necessary supplies. You can purchase them from an artificial grass installation company, landscape supply stores, or hardware stores. These tools are consumable, so you may need to replace them after several installations. Make sure you have enough tools and time to complete the job thoroughly. Artificial grass is not easy to move after it has been installed. If you want to move it, make sure you have a level surface before you start.

Artificial Grass Accessories

Nail type

When installing artificial grass, you can use a variety of nails. The most popular kind is bright common nails. These nails are made of galvanized steel and will cost you less than $0.50 per nail. Copper nails are more expensive than bright common nails, but they can last twenty years if treated properly. Stainless steel nails are best for coastal and acidic areas, as they offer corrosion protection. When selecting nails, you should be aware of how much weight and size they will add to your artificial grass installation.

Artificial grass nails are important for securing the turf. Typically, they are installed every two feet in the field or every three inches along the perimeter. The amount of nails will depend on the size and shape of the yard, as well as the amount of seaming that needs to be done. Nails are often used in combination with glue to add an extra level of security. You may need to use a combination of nails and glue to secure artificial grass.

If you want to add seams to the artificial grass, you should use U-shaped nails. They provide additional tension to the soil. For seaming, you can use two to three inches apart. If you prefer a more uniform pattern, you can use straight nails. For seaming artificial grass, you should install them about a half inch away from each edge and four inches apart. Use spikes on both ends of the seams to add extra tension.

Color options

There are many colors to choose from when choosing the right accessories for your artificial grass installation. The colors you select should match the application that you’re installing the grass in, as well as the traffic that the area sees. You can choose between all green yarn fibers or combinations of green and brown yarn fibers for a realistic, lifelike look. You can also choose to install the grass with no-infill or infill, depending on the installation’s needs.

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