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Best Internet Providers for a Smooth Online Gaming and Streaming Experience in 2022

If you are a gamer, then after a terrible knockout, playing online games on a slow or lagging
internet connection is your worst possible scenario.

Having a slow internet connection can surely bring the worst in many of us. We know this well
because we are surrounded by a bunch of gamers that have sharpened their claws during the
pandemic and are no longer compromising their gaming experience with a slow internet

If you have come surfing to this blog or have made specific research to be here, then there is a
high chance that you are a sufferer of slow internet service. We all have experienced what living
on the internet feels like after spending more than 18 months inside our homes with only social
media and games giving us much-needed sanity. Because of the pandemic-induced restrictions,
gamers have grown their passion for online gaming more and others have developed a
completely new interest in online gaming and streaming.

With this growing interest in online gaming, we have also seen a growth in internet usage. An
internet service plan that was once enough for an average American household is no longer
fulfilling their internet needs. This is mainly because not only people playing video games but
also those working and learning online are consuming a lot more internet than usual.

Here we need to get our facts straight with how much internet we need in our homes and how
much internet we need for a stable and smooth online gaming experience.

We cannot disagree on the fact that with the growing inflation rates, many internet service
providers and cable TV providers have made their packages a bit pricier. To help you find the
best internet service for your home, here are some recommendations. The list below contains
names of internet service providers that have the most internet buzz with the least amount of

Comcast Xfinity — Best Overall

Xfinity, the largest cable company in the US, is a subsidiary of the Comcast Corporation, which is
a trusted choice for high-speed internet service seekers. Comcast Xfinity is available across 40
states with exceptional services in Washington, D.C, California, and Florida. Xfinity offers
nationwide public Wi-Fi hotspots, which means that if you want to continue your game outside
the home, then the hotspot internet service will keep you connected.

Comcast Xfinity provides high-speed internet service to its customer via a hybrid fiber-coaxial
service. This service allows Comcast to deliver lightning-fast download speeds, ranging up to
1200 Mbps. Xfinity deals in contract and contract-free plans both that come with strong and
unmatched customer support, which is crucial for professional gamers. We know how much a
slight internet issue can become a source of rage for gamers. Here, responsive customer service
can help you keep yourself and your teammates at peace. Not only has this but Xfinity also
allows its customers to purchase their internet equipment such as their modem. All of this and
more makes Xfinity a great choice for gamers or for customers who want to enjoy 4k streaming
in the best way possible.
Nevertheless, a few things might not sit well with the customers. Xfinity’s plans and pricing can
vary by city and state so you have to be vigilant about how much internet speed is being
delivered in your area or whether or not it is best suited for your kind of gaming experience. In
addition, some customers might find the company’s equipment fee higher than average, but
here purchasing your modem is the right solution.

AT&T Internet — Best for Budget

If you are looking for a trouble-free internet service provider for your gaming and streaming
needs in 2022, then AT&T Internet is your savior. The internet service provider is not only
known for its affordable internet plans but also it has a whole plethora of internet deals and
plans that cover the needs of all kinds of customers.

While it is true that AT&T Internet speeds via its copper network are not as good as its pure
fiber-optic internet speeds, it does have a wide availability everywhere.

As far movie-streaming lovers are concerned, AT&T’s customer service is available via live chat,
in-store appointments, and phone support, which means that if any interruptions come

between your movie marathons, you will be assisted on time. Some of the customers do report
regular internet outages but you can surely have talks with the customer support about the
performance of the service in your area.

Cox Communications — Best for Customization

With high coverage area, Cox Communications provides excellent service across 18 states,
including Virginia, California, and Arizona. Cox cable broadband service comes with high-speed
internet delivered to customers across the United States. Cox Internet Plans makes great deals
for the customers looking for relabeling internet and high-speed quality internet service. The
download speed reaches as fast as 940 Mbps.

Moreover, Cox Communication is an excellent TV, phone, home security, smart home
automation services provider. Cox offers amazing bundling services along with numerous
packages that combine internet, phone, home security cable TV services and makes the service
a lot more budget-friendly o the customers. In addition, if you want to create customized
bundling options for your home, then Cox gives you the service exactly how you want it.

With a lot of customization power, you can create your type of bundle for your home in which
you can have high-speed internet service for your gaming and streaming needs and also have
an excellent cable TV service for other members in your home.

If you are still a little unsure about how Cox will suit your movie streaming needs, then here is
some good news; Netflix has ranked the Cox Internet service #2 for its streaming quality and
speed. This means that you no longer have to wait for your Netflix movie to stop buffering
before you can take a bite of your sandwich.

Some of the customers have reported traffic congestion due to line sharing but you can always
get in touch with Cox customer service to know better how the service performance in your

area. In addition, you can get help in deciding which TV and Internet Packages are best for your
home via Cox customer service.

Century Link — Best Coverage

One of the largest internet service providers in the United States, Century Link had over 4.54
million customers in 2020, primarily located in North Carolina, Washington, Arizona, and
Colorado. The service is best known for offering both, DSL broadband service and extensive
fiber service. The fiber service is a much more suitable option for streamers and gamers looking
for high download and upload speed.

Century Link is also a good choice for customers who look for internet service providers that do
not impose annual contracts, data caps, limiting or complex bundling options, or promotional
rates that expire quickly. Century Link is simply a no-hassle internet service provider that brings
high-speed internet with reliable speed and unlimited data. However, in comparison with its
competitors, Century Link does not offer low-priced plans. Even its low-priced plans are a bit
more expensive than other internet plans from other internet service providers. In addition,
some customers have shown concern over the lack of a quick response rate from the
company’s customer support.

RCN Internet — Great Service

RCN service is only available in Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, New York, and other few states.
However, if you are a resident of the states mentioned and looking for reliable internet service
with excellent customer service, then RCN is a great choice.

RCN customer service is a lot better than some of the internet service providers we have
mentioned in this article. This is mainly because RCN’s customer support is localized, which
means that the team is well-versed about the areas and their needs of assistance.

Although RCN has limited coverage but if you do belong to these select states, then you should
not think twice about having internet service from RCN. Also, you have to keep the high
equipment fees in mind when choosing your internet plans.

Frontier Communications — Best Fiber Internet

Frontier Communications offers both DSL and Fiber services in 25 states, including primary
coverage in Connecticut, West Virginia, and more. Frontier offers both DSL and fiber optic
services. Fiber Optic Services, recently termed as Frontier FiberOptic is a great option for rural
households struggling with outdated and twisted copper phone lines.

While Frontier declared bankruptcy in 2020 and is still struggling with declining revenue, it had
continued to offer low prices internet plans starting from $50.99/mo. for 12 months.

Although Frontier offers limited bundling options, it can still be a good choice for gamers and
streamers on a budget.

Customer and Forbes Advisor Rating for the Best Streaming and
Gaming Internet Providers

If you are still unsure of which high-speed internet service provider is best suited for you, then
hear it from some reliable raters. Forbes Advisor rating along with customer rating is
mentioned in the chart below to help you choose the internet service best suited for your
needs in 2022.
Internet Service

Forbes Advisor

Customer Rating Maximum
Download Speed
Comcast Xfinity 4.6 Great 3,000 Mbps
AT&T Internet 4.5 Great 940 Mbps

Cox Communications 4.1 Great 1,000 Mbps
Century Link 4.4 Great 940 Mbps
RCN 4.2 Okay 940 Mbps

4.2 Okay 940 Mbps

The Methodology

To determine which internet service providers out of our list of “best internet service providers
for streaming and gaming” are best suited, you have to keep the analysis glasses on. There are a
lot of factors that can help you decide which internet plan or which internet speed is best
suited for you but there are a few factors that can sort out the best providers out of so many
options, and the factors are:

 Look for a lower price plan available.
 Check out customer rating.
 Know the coverage area of our potential internet service provider.
 Check the maximum advertised and actual speeds by the internet service provider
 Research about the customer support options


What should I look for when choosing an ISP for my home?

The key factors to look at when choosing an internet service provider for your home are:
availability in your area, pricing plans, speed offers, and customer ratings.

What is good internet speed for gaming and streaming?

The ideal internet speed for streaming and gaming is a minimum of 500 Mbps download speed
ranging to 1,000 Mbps and higher. This also depends upon the kind of game you are playing —
some games require more bandwidth than others.

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