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Best office Moving tips which will make this process super easy

There are many reasons that we might have to move our office to another location. This decision can be made due to rising rents, new projects in your area, or the need for more space. It can be a very positive experience for the company or a financial disaster. If you are in Kirby, Canada we can provide you the best Office Moving service In Kirby

These keys will help you get through this moment in the most positive way.

How to move your office

  1. Take stock of what you really need. Don’t hesitate to get rid of things you don’t need and only take what you absolutely must. Consider giving things to colleagues. They may be in need of something you don’t have. Use the opportunity to donate or recycle furniture and objects.
  2. Anticipate. Avoid unnecessary stress by not leaving things until the last minute. Make sure to include all subcontractors and professionals involved in the move (computer technicians, painters, or moving companies). This will ensure that everything is coordinated and managed.
  3. Make sure you keep your space clean before moving. This will make it easier to find the items that need to be moved. It’s more difficult to pack in a messy space.
  4. Sort the material according to how it is being packed and unpacked. Then, write down the department to which each box belongs. Before you begin packing, think about how it will be easier to unpack the material and place it later.

Other tips are:

  1. Make sure you have the right packaging materials: boxes in different sizes, adhesive tapes, markers, and seals. This is crucial. This is essential.
  2. Do not move from one section to the next while packing. So that you don’t get lost, keep the order in which you have placed everything. You should do one thing after the other.
  3. You can label or number the boxes to avoid making a mistake when unpacking. This will make it easier to find and retrieve items you have already packed.
  4. One tip when packing multiple papers is to pack smaller sheets in more boxes.
  5. You should be careful about your personal belongings, both before and after the move. Items such as your laptop or “indispensable”, keys to the new office, briefcase, or wallet, should always be close by. Moving is stressful. There are many boxes to be found. Do not let loss or damage cause nerves.
  6. Hire a reliable company with positive reviews and experience to handle the move. You should not do the packing yourself. It is best to have someone trustworthy supervise it.

Avoid network and logistical problems

  • All interested parties in logistics, including customers and suppliers, should be contacted. You must inform them as soon as possible about the transfer to avoid any mistakes in delivery, collection, or other matters.
  • Offers qualifications and services. Some basic services in the new premises may still be under the control of their previous owners. These could have been disconnected. We recommend activating the services before you move to ensure a smooth transition. To avoid any delays, if commercial qualifications are required in the new facilities it is best to advance the deadlines.
  • It is important to plan everything that will be required for the installation of network cabling and Internet at the new office ahead of time, as delays can often cause more problems than you think. If your quality of work is dependent on communication, it is useful to have a plan B and other connectivity options at hand.

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