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Brief Introduction of Carbon Threading Taps and Its Types

Carbon Threading Taps Suppliers

DIC Tools is a Carbon Threading Tap Manufacturers and Suppliers in Various Countries. These are a Great option for good process security, manufacturing, supply, economy, and good whole quality. It’s specially designed for the most demanding and hardest material. These made from superior high- quality row material for efficient performance. Our Carbon Threading Taps are also produce helical grooves in hole to insert a fastener. These articles purpose is only to guide you about Carbon Threading Taps.

DIC Tools, product exported to various countries. We can also provide standard and non-standard sizes as per the customer requirement. DIC Tools, offer a very reasonable selection of both standard and special tooling to suit all of your external. DIC Tools offers a complete range of carbon threading taps to complete your simple to complicated need. Carbon Threading Taps designed for general purpose hand tapping operation where ground thread accuracy and performance not required. Carbon Threading Taps are most effective threading tap available in individuals and in sets.

Below Explain The Carbon Threading Taps Types and Uses

Carbon Steel Fractional Taps

DIC Tools is a Supplier and Exporter Carbon Steel Taps, for cutting right hand internal threads. These Taps have chamfered threads at the tip that is enough to start the hole and taps all the way to bottom,Carbon Steel Fractional, rolled thread are more accurate and cleaner than machined threads. These Taps is ideal for routine maintenance, repair, and work and fore re-threading where high accuracy and tolerance thread is not critical.

These are tooled to the most exacting specification to ensure that bolts anchor securely. These made from heat-treated carbon steel,they are rust-and tarnish-resistant tools that work equally well in plastic drilling applications. These Taps are produce classes 2B thread. Tools Types: Bottoming Taps; Brass; copper; zinc. DIC offered Carbon Steel Fractional Taps to our customers in various designs and size as per requirements of our customers.

Carbon Steel Hand Taps

Carbon Steel Hand Taps are the most versatile taps for hand use or for tapping under power. These Carbon Steel Taps also used in general machine tapping or CNC tapping. These Taps will also appropriate for tapping the vast majority of material in through or blind holed conditions, Carbon Steel Hand Taps designed primarily for hand use. These Taps with Straight Flutes are designed for general purpose hand tapping operations where ground thread accuracy and performance is not required. They can also be using for rethreading damaged threads.

Carbon Steel Hand Taps are the most cost effective threading taps are available. DIC Tools is a Suppliers and Exporter of Carbon Steel Hand Taps, used for cutting internal threads in predetermined holes. Carbon Steel Hand Taps also used for processes like maintenance, repair, general purpose tapping. DIC Tools offered carbon taps to our customers in various designed and sizes as per the requirements of our customers. These usage are straight flute general purpose taps which can be using for both machine and hand tapping.

Carbon Steel Straight Flute Taps

DIC Tools is a Manufacturers and Supplier of or Hand Taps, available in all sizes and dimensions as required by the customer. Carbon Straight Flute Hand Taps called as “hand taps” it turned with a tap wrench to create or repair internal threads in blind holes and through holes. DIC Tools, Straight flute is the standard style of tap, designed for a range of different tapping applications.

These Taps are especially beneficial when cutting short shipping material such as cast iron. We are Supplier and Exporters of Carbon Steel Straight Flute Taps but widely used for repairing threads, and occasionally creating new threads in maintenance operations. These Taps are available in standard and non-standard size and dimension as requirements by the customers.

Carbon Steel Tap Sets

Our Carbon Steel Taps Set using for hand or machine tapping of through or blind holes. DIC Threading Taps commonly used for tapping or cutting various medium and small size internal threads in metal. Carbon Steel Taps Set have a simple structure and are easy to use, and they can be operated manually tap or with a machine tap. We offering carbon taps to our customers in various designs and sizes as per the demands of our customers. These Sets are also using for processes like maintenance, repair, and general purpose tapping.

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