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Checklist To Know If Your Site Needs An Overhaul In 2022

Has the question of redesigning your website ever cross your mind? Digital Marketing Agency Mohali we’ve prepare a checklist for you to find out whether or not it’s time to take the overhaul!

1. Is your site responsive?

What is a responsive site?

To be able to answer this question, you need to know what responsive means. This is why we give you a little reminder of what a responsive site is.

A responsive site is a site whose display adapts to all screen sizes.

  • If your answer is YES

Well done ! This is already a first good point for your current site ! Even if that doesn’t necessarily mean that your site performs well on mobile , it’s still a good thing!

You can continue this checklist to find out if your site needs a redesign.

  • If your answer is NO

If the answer is no then you don’t need to continue this checklist to know that your site really needs an overhaul!

Beyond being in tune with the browsing habits of your targets, Digital Marketing Agency Mohali it is also a categorical SEO criterion on the part of Google .

If your site is not suitable for mobile browsing then Google will necessarily put other sites before yours!

So let’s continue this checklist together but know that your site is already in a bad way…

2. How is your technical performance?

This is a question that you absolutely must ask yourself to know if your site needs an overhaul!

What is the technical performance of your website

These are mainly performance relate to the speed of your site. These performances depend both on the server where your site is host but also on the elements that make up your website.

How to test the performance of your website?

To test the performance of your site there are many free online tools: PageSpeedInsights, GTmetrix, Lighthouse…

These tools allow you to obtain a performance score and show you the elements that need to be optimize.

Why do you need to have good technical performance?

Displaying good technical performance is necessary for several reasons, Digital Marketing Agency Mohali first of all the loading speed of a site has a direct impact on the user experience. 40% of visitors would abandon a site that took more than 3 seconds to load (according to a study conduct by Forrester). The speed of your site is therefore decisive as it impacts its traffic.

  • If the performance of your site is GOOD

Cheer ! Another good point, Digital Marketing Agency Mohali even if this does not necessarily mean that your site offers a good user experience , it is still positive!

A good performance score is around 80%.

  • If your site performance is BAD

3. How is your SEO?

One of the reasons that can motivate a website redesign is SEO . Indeed, a poorly reference site is a site that will not be visible on Google.

It’s no secret that to get visits your site must rank well in Google results for the keywords you are targeting.

How to study the positioning of your site?

There are several tools that allow you to track the positioning of your website on a list of keywords.

In the idea, you should be able to monitor your positioning on a regular basis in order to be able to observe the results of your optimization actions.

Anyway, it is important to know your positioning on your keywords to be able to act accordingly.

Your positioning is GOOD on ALL your keywords

BRAVO, this is not given to everyone and it is probably the fruit of many efforts and the amount of engaging and relevant content.

However, Digital Marketing Agency Mohali you must ensure that the target keywords are really driving traffic and if they are relevant to your business.

Your positioning is NOT VERY GOOD or even BAD

This scenario is a little more common and it is the one that will interest us today. There are many reasons for “poor positioning”.

The first factor that directly impacts your SEO is your content , it must be sufficiently provide and update regularly on your site .

This is why, when you observe a real positioning problem, it is sometimes more judicious to opt for a redesign of your website in order to design a tree structure that is optimize for SEO and to display optimal technical performance.

To analyze the referencing of your site you can use these 5 free SEO analysis tools.

4. How is the user experience offer by your site?

This question is not easy because the user experience (UX) can seem abstract as it depends on the perception of each user . However, there are several ways to evaluate the UX of your website.

We know that the user experience of a site directly impacts  its conversion rate. A good user experience drives conversions while a bad user experience affects both conversions and customer retention.

This is why your site must imperatively offer a good user experience.

How to evaluate the user experience of my website?

If your website is performing poorly, Digital Marketing Agency Mohali that’s a very bad sign and you have to do something about it!

In these cases, a redesign is inevitable ! The ideal is to have your website design by a web agency so that it can master all the technical aspects of your web design and offer you a site with optimal performance as soon as it is put online.

– Focus group

The most effective way to assess your site’s UX is to directly interview your targets . You can set up test sessions allowing you to identify the problems your users are facing in a given situation.

These tests are very effective, SEO Agency Mohali however they require time, Digital Marketing Agency Mohali which your company does not necessarily have.

– Questionnaires

If you cannot organize tests, you can directly question your customers via a questionnaire . This questionnaire allows you to identify any “pain points” that your customers face during their user journey.

– Analytics data

Finally, you can also take advantage of the Analytics data you have. If your website is equipp with a Google Analytics tracking code then you collect valuable data every day allowing you to identify problems relate to UX.

For this you need to analyze:

– The entry pages of your website

– The behavior of your users on your site (the pages they visit, their journey, etc.)

– The exit pages: these exit pages should be studie carefully because if this occurs regularly on the same page this most likely indicates a problem with content, design, CTA or a technical problem.

  • You identify NO PROBLEMS in the user experience

Are you sure ? The user experience varies from one target to another and you must be able to offer user journeys adapt to each of your targets.

I advise you to carefully analyze the journey of each target to identify the “pain points” that need to be improve and not miss out on your future conversions!

  • You identify PROBLEMS in the UX of your site

If you identify several problems relate to the user experience on your site , then the solution very often lies in adapting the designs, adding CTAs, modifying the internal linking or optimizing the content.

If you identify problems relate to the UX it is therefore advisable to make the necessary changes  to your site, if these optimizations concern the designs and the internal mesh then the redesign is inevitable!

5. Do your designs still reflect your identity and positioning?

Your website must reflect your company’s image , it must reflect your values, your positioning and the relationship you want to build with your customers.

Business evolves over time and changes to your business strategy as it evolves often involve a change in image or positioning.

  • Your website is always in YOUR IMAGE

If your website is still in tune with your identity and your positioning , you may not feel the need to change it.

This does not necessarily mean that a redesign is necessary , but it is important that you are aware of it.

  • Your site is NO LONGER IN LINE with your identity

If you observe a discrepancy between your positioning and the image that your website sends back, then a redesign is essential.

Indeed, your website is your company’s preferr means of communication , it belongs to you and you are solely responsible for what it sends back.

It is therefore necessary to carry out a redesign , for this you can  call on a tailor-made web agency which can offer you a website with unique designs specific to your company.

Summary of the checklist:

Have you reviewed these different points?

What’s your verdict?

If your site has pass these checkpoints with flying colors, Digital Marketing Agency Mohali congratulations! Don’t forget to do these checks regularly !

If the result of this checklist indicates a redesign then do not waste time to do what is necessary before it negatively impacts your turnover.

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