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Common Mistakes You Need To Avoid In Writing Research Proposal

A research proposal is an important type of document written by Ph.D. scholars during their research studies. Students demonstrate how and why the research proposal is connected to the particular field. The purpose of writing a research proposal is to present the plan of research that the students are intended to conduct. It convinces the authority or the research committee with your research work. A well-written research proposal enhance the chances of having your work accepted by the member of the research committee. A research proposal includes planning, researching, analyzing the data that you have collected, and planning and methodology that you use to write.

Writing a good research proposal is not a cup of cake for the students because it requires good understanding and skills to produce quality work. Most of the students find it tough to compose a high-quality research proposal. They take Research Proposal Help from Paper Writing Service to prepare their research proposal.

Most of the students commit several mistakes while writing their research proposals.To avoid these mistakes in your writing up you can draft a quality research proposal.

Common Mistakes In Writing Research Proposal   

  1. The Topic of Research is too Vague

Many times students select the topic of their research that is very complex to understand and not justified by its objective. A research topic demonstrates the research aims objectives and questions. It should be well justified to convince your reader or research committee.

  1. Weak Theoretical Foundation Of The Study

As already mentioned, the research topic should emerge from the existing research. Sometimes students do not conduct proper research on the topic.The lack of a theoretical foundation may reduce the value of research work.

You should fill the gap in your research and topic with the literature in the right direction. It is important that research must have a strong theoretical foundation of study or research.

  1. Not Having Strong Arguments For Research

Another common mistake done by the students in writing a research proposal is to provide strong arguments for the research questions. Many times students don’t have an idea of how to figure out the research questions. Lack of detail regarding research can create a problem for the students to write strong arguments in support of their research work.  Students should create a plan for research work.

  1. Not Following The University’s Instruction

Every university provides instruction for all kinds of research documents to draft the paper according to the university norms. Students often ignore these guidelines while preparing their research proposals. It impacts all efforts that they have done in their research work. It is important to follow a set of instructions given by the university while working on a research proposal.

  1. Improper Formatting

University provides the proper instruction on the formatting style. Students often don’t have an idea of how to format the research proposal. They often do not plan the work before starting the writing which may create problems to organize the information in writing. The improper formatting of the proposal wither may confuse the reader or distract their interest to read.

Students should visit the journal websites and take a look at published articles. It will help them to prepare their research proposal in the proper format.

  1. Poor Writing and Presentation

Writing skills play an important role here. Many students don’t have good writing skills to present their thoughts and research work in a proper manner. The lack of skills in writing, providing good arguments, and low-quality visual diagrams may negatively impact the quality of the entire work. Therefore students should work on their writing skills. Taking help from Paper Writing Services is also a good choice in this case.

  1. Using Complex Language

Most of the students use complex language in their research proposal writing. Students have a mentality, using lengthy and difficult vocabulary can make their write-up advanced. It is not true, using complex sentences jargon, difficult vocabulary can make your write-up boring or confusing. It may bail out the reader’s interest in your writing work. You need to avoid this while writing the research proposal.

  1. Unexplained Abbreviations

Students often direct use the abbreviated form of a word that may confuse the reader to understand the actual expression of the word. It is advised to the students rather than to write it directly they need to first describe the expanded form of the particular word at first occurrence and can use the abbreviated form at the further occurrence. For example, If they want to use “NASA” in their sentence when this word comes the first-time student should write its full expression as “National Aeronautics and Space Administration” and coming further, they can use its short form as NASA. It will give a clear insight to the readers.

  1. Not Using Proper Referencing

Referencing is the most important aspect while writing a research paper or proposal. Without providing a reference your work may reject. Students need not avoid referencing the sources that they have used in their research work.Students should use it according to their university’s instructions.

  1. Not Proofreading the Paper

Don’t skip proofreading before submitting the work. Proofreading helps you to avoid any kind of grammar, spelling, punctuation, and other types of errors.


Writing a proposal is complicated for the students. By following the above tips you can avoid mistakes in writing. Finding any kind of difficulty you can take research proposal help from professional experts.



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