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Even though the death toll from the Sichuan earthquake surpasses 55,000, not many people know that a possible killer is hiding among the survivors.

There is no doubt that the priority now is to provide the quake survivors with sufficient food, water, sanitation and other basic needs. However, if authorities neglect Wywóz gruzu chorzów the potential impact of crush syndrome over logistical concerns, it could prove disastrous for the remaining survivors.

What is Crush Syndrome?

First discovered by British doctor Eric Bywaters during the 1941 London lightning strike, it has always played a significant role in increasing the death toll during wars, earthquakes and many other occasions when people are buried under heavy debris.

Simply put, crush syndrome is a condition that develops when excessive force is applied to a group of muscles for an extended period of time. Toxic proteins are then released and damaged as a result of the overwhelming external pressure on the body.

There are many clinical symptoms associated with crush syndrome and some of the more serious ones are likely to be kidney failure, heart attack and blockage of blood vessels as the pressure exerted by the heavy debris constricts the blood vessels.

Unlike the common cold, where the symptoms displayed are fairly obvious even to the untrained observer, some patients suffering from crush syndrome are not even aware of their condition and display common symptoms (high index of suspicion, altered consciousness, etc. ). , the reason crush syndrome has always been a silent killer is because many people, including patients and trained paramedics themselves, didn’t even realize it until it was too late.

On July 28, 1976, the Tangshan earthquake injured a total of 164,851 people, and crush syndrome occurred in 2% to 5% of the patients. When another earthquake happened in Armenia in 1988, crush syndrome was found to be the third most common injury and the leading cause of death. Thus, this indicates the severity of crush syndrome on the health of existing survivors.

How should first responders respond to crush syndrome?

While waiting for paramedics and disaster response teams to arrive, first responders should first attempt to remove any heavy objects (e.g., debris) trapping the survivors. These survivors should also be given plenty of water to ensure they are adequately hydrated.

Most importantly, carefully coordinate your rescue attempt, because once you’ve cleared the debris, the toxic proteins will effectively travel even faster through the survivors’ bloodstreams. Timing is crucial here. Also, maintain the survivors’ airways to allow airflow, and be prepared to transport him to the nearest medical center once he’s freed (since the toxic proteins are now roaming throughout his body).

How is the situation now in China for patients with crush syndrome?

A team of doctors from Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) has already sent the necessary kidney dialysis equipment to affected areas in China to prepare patients with crush syndrome and kidney failure. Also, three nephrologists (doctors trained in kidney diseases) have been dispatched to China to reinforce the necessary treatment that needs to be carried out.


Finally, just a quick summary of all the points mentioned in this article and the inclusion of other various tips:

What is Crush Syndrome?

Occurs when excessive force is applied to a muscle group over a period of time.

Symptoms include:

  1. possible kidney failure,
  2. Heart attack
  3. blockage of blood vessels.
  4. Weak and rapid pulse
  5. Pale, cool and clammy skin

How should first responders respond to crush syndrome?

  1. remove debris
  2. Give plenty of water
  3. Wait for help
  4. Prepare to load and leave the patient once freed
  5. Airway, Respiration and Circulation (ABCs) preserved

How is the situation now in China for patients with crush syndrome?

  1. MSF has sent three doctors to the affected areas.
  2. The equipment needed for a possible kidney dialysis was also sent in.

Throwing fear overboard one moment at a time

“Nothing in life needs to be feared. It just needs to be understood.” ~ Marie Curie.

Most of our fear is rooted in the unknown. Once we commit to questioning it in truth, it falls away and then things are seen for what they really are. While they’re still intimidating, somehow we can muster up the courage to tackle the rest of the way.

The acute anxiety pain is somehow “numbed” in this way.

What did Marie Curie mean?

When we consider it worthy to call fear that which is not good or not before God, we see where Marie Curie came from. Indeed, fear is the very barrier to God and all divine constructs, imbued with wisdom—that truth of life that fear shatters every time.

Fear also stands in the way of science – this very desire to know how things work and how to interact with life – for science is simply mankind’s attempt to discern the things of God.

Using the Higher Spirit to conquer fear

When our fear is the path of lies (ie, marked by the absence of an applied truth) and it represents us in our childlike states—without childlike faith that we know is good when used with God’s wisdom – then we can see that the higher mind is the path to truth and shedding fear, one moment at a time.

The higher mind is the gateway to logic and a level for testing all things.

Imagine paving a driveway. When there is substance and truth in things.

Fear is depicted as loose rubble being cleared away for the level surface on which the cobblestones are firmly placed. The truth ensures that none of these cobblestones wobble under our feet or when the car tire rolls over them.

However, when the higher mind reveals information as suspicious, ie, reveals that the information contains unfounded fear-based constructs.

The higher spirit clears away the debris and paves the way for sound thinking.

Practical training of the higher mind

In theory this is very easy, in practice it is of course much more difficult.

It’s really about exercising logic and reason across all of our activities, responses and initiatives – all but none.

Sure, we will be wrong every now and then and let Kontenery na gruz fear take its place, for example in our doubts, but if we are sincere there is no reason why we shouldn’t see things more consistently and rationally.

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