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Defi investing in Dubai

Defi investing in Dubai

Choosing trains over planes and driving an electric vehicle, as well as eating plant-based food, are all choices Neil Goddin makes on a regular basis due to  Defi investing in Dubai.

The Artemis fund manager’s lifestyle reflects his investment strategy ethos, which drives and the Artemis Funds (Lux) Positive Future fund, which he co-manages with Craig Bonthron, Jonathan Parsons and Ryan Smith.

The fund, which was launched in Q3 as a European version of an existing UK-facing vehicle, is categorised as Article 9 under the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation.

At present, healthcare is the main sector within the fund (31%), with hearing aid retailer giant Amplifon and hybrid electro-acoustic implant manufacturer Cochlear as the two top holdings, representing 5% and 4.8%, respectively.

‘We have a lot of exposure to medical devices and that’s because they’re quite defensive in nature. Hearing devices within the  fund and accounts for 25% of investment

Asset Management Companies in UAE

are a good example given the increasing life expectancy and we want to invest in these companies as much as possible, to help people being included in society and get a job,’ he told Citywire Selector.

Goddin said 40% of people requiring a hearing aid cannot access one due to its high costs. ‘Amplifon has launched a new digital device that is more efficient than traditional ones and only costs €500, which is a quarter of the price of the traditional device.

‘Cochlear is more specialised, geared towards people who are deaf, sometime since birth and need an implant,’ he said.

Niche developments in healthcare is also evident the fund’s third holding Insulet (4.51%), which produces alternative insulin delivery methods. It also has inclusion as a key driving factor.

‘The average diabetic person has two and a half serious hypo events a year, which can require hospitalisation, and their life

Investment House In Dubai

expectancy is 10 years less than average. Insulet provides insulin patches that can be places anywhere in the body and provide a steady flow of insulin over a three-day period.

‘Insulet’s Omnipod 5 technology is the newest version which works in conjunction with Dexcom’s G6 continuous glucose monitor to adjust the patient’s insulin doses as needed, and it has just been approved by the FDA,’ he said.

Learned behaviour

‘Regardless of where you live, Coursera offer people the opportunity ..

Blockchain investing in Dubai

get a degree from somewhere like Brown University.

‘We’ve recently added more education stocks after they’ve been weak and became a lot cheaper

‘Most countries have areas that work well with solar and wind and those need to be explored.

He declined to comment on Causal’s valuation in the round due to  z fold 3 price in pakistan

There has been a significant rise in the numbers of angel investors looking to back startups across the globe. Technology is the most popular sector and food and beverage seeing the fastest year on year growth.

AIN has 40 networks extending to over 90 different countries; and now with more than 1.75 million users it is the largest angel investment community in the world. The results are a real barometer of global startup investment activity in 2022.

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