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Different Designs For Laminated Postcards

Laminated postcards are a good way to get your message across to consumers. The average consumer receives 454 pieces of marketing mail each year. By grabbing the consumer’s attention, you can increase your response rate by up to 75%. In addition, in-house and prospective list response rates are roughly 9% so a laminated postcard can improve your response rates by 50 to 75 percent.

Custom Die-Cut Plastic

There are many advantages to consider when it comes to custom die-cut plastic for a laminated postcard. First, you can have your custom die cut to any size. Second, you can have full-color printing on both sides. You can also get thermal printing on each piece and choose from various shapes. Third, you can have sequential or individual serial numbering. Also, you can have scratch-off overlay panels for special promotions. Finally, you can even have metallic colors, like gold and silver.

When it comes to direct mail marketing, the first thing to remember is to stand out from the crowd. A well-designed direct mail marketing campaign will help you achieve this objective. The quality of your graphic design plays a crucial role in ensuring your message is heard.

Silk Lamination

Silk lamination is a popular choice for premium custom business cards. The silk-like texture of this type of laminate makes these cards feel smooth and luxurious. They are also very durable. Silk lamination can also help protect your business cards from stains, rips, and scratches. This type of laminate is also great for labels and inserts. Silk lamination can be a great way to add a touch of class and sophistication to your business. The silk texture adds an elegant feel to the finished product, which makes it tear-resistant.

Luster Lamination

Luster lamination for laminated postcards is an option that enhances the look and durability of printed materials. This durable coating is applied to both sides of 16 pt card stock and is characterized by an optically clear three mil gloss. Unlike other types of lamination, Luster lamination is completely UV resistant, making it a great choice for many indoor and outdoor applications.

It gives printed pieces a more professional look and protects them from dirt, moisture, and stains. This type of lamination is also easy to clean. Enhanced ink colors create a polished, professional look. It also adds strength, preventing fading and blemishing.

Suede Lamination

Suede lamination on laminated postcards offers a matte finish and a velvety feel. These cards are printed on 16-point coated card stock but are covered with a 1.5 mil thick layer of suede to give them a soft, supple feel. It also reduces contrast, making the cards appear lighter and more subtle.

Compared to silk lamination, suede lamination provides a velvety feel and a touch of luxury. In addition to protecting your print, suede lamination also enhances color clarity. You can choose suede lamination on one or both sides of your card for an extra special touch. Spot UV printing is another option that highlights a specific area of the card and then applies a UV coating to the rest.

Luster Cards

Luster cards are made from high-quality 16-pt card stock and then laminated with an optically clear, three-mil glossy laminate on both sides. This provides a superior, durable, and water-resistant finish. They are available in various sizes and styles, including announcement cards, trading cards, and business cards.

These cards are highly resistant to moisture, making them great outdoors. These cards are water-resistant but not waterproof. While they can stand up to a small amount of moisture, they should never be submerged in water as this could result in water seeping in and damaging them.

Luster designs for laminated postcards provide the high quality and glossy sheen of conventional postcards while offering the added benefit of durability and water resistance. They are printed using high-quality offset equipment and are laminated with optically clear, 3mil gloss laminate on both sides. So whether you need a postcard for a special occasion or a promotional campaign, you can depend on Luster printing to give your postcard the best results.

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