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Emerging Trends in DNA Encoded Library: Future Market Landscape

DNA encoded library is a collection of small molecules connected with their DNA codes that comprises unique information of chemical structures and gene fragments. These tags serve as a barcode to identify and screen small molecules and use this information for drug discovery. The process of drug discovery is arduous and involves screening, identification, and isolation of drug target molecules. DNA encoded libraries reduce the time of drug discovery by allowing instant screening of drug targets using an extensive library of small molecules. In recent years, pharmaceutical companies have adopted the DNA-encoded chemical library as a high throughput screening method due to its ability to screen a large amount of data in a short time.

The increasing demand for novel therapies to treat various types of disease also accelerates the development of DNA-encoded libraries. Driven by these factors, it is expected that the DNA encoded library market will grow at a CAGR of 16% in the future.

DNA-Encoded Library: A Dive into the Market Landscape

Within the past few decades, DNA encoded libraries have garnered attention as the combinatorial drug development tool for screening a vast collection of small molecules. It is worth highlighting that DNA encoded libraries encompass more than 40 trillion small molecules. These massive libraries of small molecules allow high throughput screening and identification of HITS in a short time, ultimately reducing the time required to screen different drug targets during the process of drug development.

As a result, several pharmaceutical companies and researchers actively started investing in DNA encoded libraries to leverage vast collections of small molecules beyond drug discovery. With the ongoing pace of investments and active collaborations between market leaders such as GSK, Pfizer, and X-Chem, the DNA encoded library market holds a promising future and is expected to grow steadily in the future.

Emerging Trends and Opportunities in DNA Encoded Library Market

Some of the emerging trends and opportunities that help to reshape the DNA-encoded library marker include:

▪         Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

With the adoption of artificial intelligence and machine learning, it becomes possible to understand the complete potential of screening output and predictive model of the DNA encoded libraries. Several AI-driven biotech companies have begun to invest in the DNA encoded library platform to generate enormous amounts of data at a sufficient scale and fuel up drug discovery by leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning.

In the future, DNA encoded library-derived models are helpful to find high throughput drug targets. One might see utilizing DEL to develop target class- or pathway-specific “super models,” which could offer an extensive perspective of the chemical space pertinent to certain disease processes.

▪         Disease-Specific Drug Discovery

One of the promising trends in the DNA encoded library market is a paradigm shift toward disease-specific drug development. The DNA encoded library enables the screening of large chemical compounds, allowing researchers to identify and screen specific drug candidates that can be tailored according to the patient profiles.

▪         Integration of Genetic Engineering and Next Generation Sequencing

The next-generation sequencing technologies will enable researcher’s rapid analysis of DNA tags and molecules of DELs (DNA encoded libraries). This integration of the technology allows an efficient screening process and helps drug developers in the cost-effective analysis of drug molecules.

Leading DNA Encoded Library Market Players

At present, the major application of DNA encoded libraries includes screening and identification of HITS generation. Going further, the major DNA encoded library companies have shown active interest in the development of more libraries that help streamline the process of drug discovery. Some of the top DNA encode library market players include:

▪         BOC Sciences

▪         DyNAbind

▪         Edelris

▪         GenScript

▪         HitGen

▪         NovAliX

▪         PROVendis

▪         SpiroChem

▪         Vipergen

▪         WuXi AppTec

▪         X-Chem

Current News and Developments in DNA Encoded Library Market

By considering the key advantages of the DNA-encoded library in drug development, several key market players have made advancements in the technology and entered into strategic partnerships to focus on bringing innovative solutions. Some of the recent news associated with DNA encoded library market includes:

▪       In March 2023, Philogen collaborated with Google in order to utilize the machine learning model for the screen of DNA-encoded chemical libraries.

▪   In January 2023, X-Chem extended its collaboration with Kymera Therapeutics to serve as the leading provider of DNA-encoded library-based screening services to Kymera.

▪       In January 2023, X-Chem collaborated with Sironax to utilize their DEL platform and support Sironax’s drug discovery pipelines.


In the future, the DNA encoded library field will continue to increase for the drug development purpose. As advanced data science technologies and modalities enter the market, more therapeutic drugs will be developed using DNA-encoded libraries. Furthermore, the integration of advanced technology, including machine learning and artificial intelligence, allows faster screening of drug molecules. In upcoming years, researchers will pay attention to the use of DNA-encoded libraries beyond drug development.

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