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Everything You Need To Know About Flatbed Trucking

Flatbed trucking is a very common method in the construction industry by which we can haul and move the heavy load from one place to another. It is very common in the construction industry to carry stuff that is very heavy to handle. These materials may include lumber, wood, steel, iron, or even heavy equipment. To carry them, we may use several methods but flatbed trucking is the most common among them.

In this article, we will know more details about flatbed trucking.

What does flatbed trucking mean?

The flatbed truck is a kind of truck that has a long flat cargo area in the back which is used to carry the loads. The deck behind the truck is open having no side or roof. This open deck gives you the leverage of hauling any kind of small to large object easily on it including construction material or heavy equipment for sale. However, the material needs to be protected by tying with strips, chains, or ropes. Due to the lack of a roof, you must be careful of the weather hit to the material. Rain and wind may harm the material, so you need to keep them protected if rain is expected in the area.

Generally, a flatbed can easily haul up to 48000 pounds of weight on a standard 48-foot long flat and open bed. Further note that the state has its standard weight hauling standard. Above the standard limit, you cannot carry the weight on the road.

What kind of load a flatbed can haul?

As the flatbed has a very large capacity to haul the material or equipment, it is important to know the kind of stuff that it can efficiently haul. Here is a list of the building material that a flatbed truck can carry.

1. Lumber/Timber

Sometimes the lumber needs to be transported in long form to the site. It becomes difficult when the hauler can’t do it. But due to the long and open deck of the flatbed truck, you can easily carry them in whatever form you want. It is also easy to carry them to the site whether it is a residential or a commercial site. Whereas, the loading and unloading are also very easy from the flatbed truck.

2. Cement or Concrete

A flatbed truck is the best option to transfer a large quantity of cement bags. Many cement manufacturing industries use them to transport their material to the warehouse or the dealers. In a large construction project, a very large amount of cement and concrete are required so you can easily use a flatbed truck to carry them wherever you want.

3. Heavy equipment

We all know that moving heavy equipment is extremely challenging. But thanks to the flatbed truck, its long flat and open deck allows you to transport your heavy equipment for sale wherever you want. You can easily carry equipment like cranes, tractors, excavators, etc.


A flatbed truck is a kind of truck having an open and flat deck in the back. It helps in hauling and transporting very heavy material and equipment from one place to another. In this article, you may find more details about a flatbed truck.

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