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Guide to Create a Coupon Site With WordPress

Who doesn’t like to save? We live in an age when coins are not just for frugal mothers. Not only do we want to save money, we have to do it for most reasons. But what better way to save money? How about making money by helping others save them? This seems good. Now, you can do that by creating a coupon-based website or  Coupon Site doing a coupon offer on a WordPress site that already has good traffic.

Can coupon sites and daily deals succeed?

Before starting an online business, many people stop and ask serious questions:

Is it a good idea?

Obviously, the answer to this question depends on your thoughts. But do you particularly need these coupon-based sites? Is it worth getting started? Are there any other sites that have succeeded just by offering coupons to their viewers?

Yes, yes, there are many. Sites such as RetailMeNot, Coupon.com, Smartsource, Groupon, and LivingSocial are just a few. For coupons and offers, there are large children in the above blocks, but someone focuses on exhaust and small fans are well known.

For example, POSSTUNDEALS, Dueluel-Designer (web graphics) and sites that provide an incredible offer for online marketing staff. There is a site of two women I love coupons and grew up popular sites.

Well, if you start daily display coupons and locations, you will get the same success as the above persons, but these examples are coupon sites when it can succeed correctly as it might succeed istanbul escort bayan done.

In one day, you can get created these types of sites, so they were tough because they were able to get it, so thanks to Word, not very difficult.

WordPress Coupons and Themes


Coupon is a Bootstrap-based, responsive, Retina-ready WordPress theme with almost everything you need in a WordPress coupon theme.

The theme is beautiful, pleasing to the eye and easy to handle. There is also a daily trade option with a reverse timer so you can add coupons and quickly buy specific trades to run on your site. If you want to create a subscription basis on your website,we as a Startup development company hope you know that your theme has a fully efficient subscription system that you can customize internally.

It is also always important to integrate a blog page in order to create additional content in addition to coupon offers. This theme costs $48 and includes free support.

Daily Deal

Daily Deal is a bit more unique in terms of coupon themes. As the name suggests, the theme is more about offering deals or discounts than simple coupon codes.

Themes are set up in such a way that visitors can submit suggestions for their business. When a purchase is made for a store, the money goes to you first, then you earn an assigned commission (you can do whatever you want) and send the rest to the member who added the store. You also have the ability to create creativity so that you can control that on your site.

Design your home screen design and easy improvement help with harvest performance, reduced and the ability to change colors using wp customizer. The price of this subject is only $ 29, so it is great for anyone in the limited budget.


This subscriber side offers daily close, but you are different with them. This theme is designed to manage coupon code (money affiliate), good, good and printable coupons, and interactive designs, which means your visitors can benefit from suggestions, even if no matter how much size Sight.

This includes SEO optimization, out-of-the-box localization, great ad management features to help generate additional revenue on your site, and free lifetime support. Themes start at $ 49 a year for support and updates, including all themes available in the store.


Many popular coupon sites have a special “look”. If you choose this kind of simpler user interface, the ClipperAppThemes theme may be closer to your site’s ideas.

In terms of features, it seems to offer more features than most. You can enter a voucher in the WP management area, and visitors can add coupons yourself. These have regional regions that can handle all coupons placed on the site.

By providing a partner archopon to earn money, such as five layouts and sales options, plug-ins that allow you to make money to make money Can provide.

Also, Read Benefits of Developing Gojek Clone App In 2022

The price of the clicker voucher is $ 99, but it is very good because you can use many sites as you like, so it is very good, and you can get a lifelong license. Clipper is a major topic that can be lucky enough. Please delete the Clipper theme

Coupon Theme

This issue is in the first visual mode of what works. The APT theme coupon called Atial – is an attractive template that can be used to create a dependent and / or printable coupon site.

The theme guards behind the coupon are classified as a topic for folder style, so they have more than 30 children to get their websites to what they seek what they are looking for .

Outside the subject to free children (thinking as a big plus, this issue provides income options such as membership options, visitors visit, simple, intuitive, color, putting banner, etc.

As long as performance progresses, this is my favorite topic and worth $ 99. Get the coupon theme here

WordPress Coupon Plugins

However, you may not want to create the entire Coupon Site for the coupons and deals you want to display, but want to offer deals through your existing website.

If you are looking for this option, we recommend the WordPress Coupon plugin.

Coupon Code Plugin

Protect your affiliate earnings with coupon code plugins. Don’t you hate losing revenue from affiliate links? Anyone who has done or has done affiliate marketing knows how painful it can be.

Coupon code plugin helps eliminate this inconvenience by hiding affiliate links while allowing users to automatically enter the website and click on the link to apply the code. This allows you to earn rebates and earn commissions. (Hey!)

The plugin provides Digital Coupon Management System and reporting capabilities and makes it easy to customize the coupon page to fit your site design. The plug-in costs $37 for a single license with lifetime support and updates.

Coupon Creator

Coupon Generator Plugin for WordPress. This plugin allows you to generate coupons and display them as shortcodes on pages, posts and widgets.

Add what you want to send to the coupon, format it to your specifications. Specify the coupon’s date and expiry date, and upload the image you want to use. It is a free plugin, so even if you are not sure what you are looking for. You can always try it out before choosing a good plugin.

It is a free plugin, so even if you are not sure what you are looking for, you can always try it out before choosing a good plugin.

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