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Hair Color That Makes You Look Younger

Hair colors that make you look younger?

Low maintenance color adjustment can make a huge difference. The right hair color can make your appearance more beautiful and younger. But choosing the right hair color depends upon your complexion. Most people fall into three categories: warm, cool, and neutral.

Tips to figure out if you’re warm, neutral, or cool

  • Try to identify visible colors in your skin. Cool-toned skin has pink and olive undertones while warm-toned skin has yellow and gold.
  • Check the veins in your wrist. If they look blue or purple, you’re likely cool-toned. If they are green, you’re warm.
  • Look at your eyes in a mirror. If you see gold specks in your eyes, your undertones are warm, if you see blues or greens, then you are usually cool.
  • Anywhere in-between with the tricks above? Neutral.

The best hair color that makes you look younger

  1. Caramel balayage

This is the best option for dark hair and cool tones Brunettes. Adding caramel highlights can help to warm and soften facial features, and the balayage technique ensures your highlights grow out without a demarcation line. This thing makes your look younger. Use color lock shampoo and conditioner to avoid brassiness.

  1. Strawberry blonde

Strawberry blonde means a person having reddish-blond hair or if you have lighter hair that looks a bit ashy consider a strawberry blonde. Adding warmth to blonde shades in the auburn range gives cooler skin tone and complexion a glowy, youthful radiance. But reds are notorious for fading so see your stylist for a gloss treatment every six weeks to keep your color bright.

  1. Golden highlights

Warm tones do an exceptionally good job at making us look younger. A few golden strands will add additional emphasis to your eyes and make your hair look like sparkling jewels. If you’re a brunette, add some warmth to your look by asking your stylist for golden highlights. This way you’ll be ready for the summer plus ensure that your hair is making you look younger, not older!

  1. Bronde

Bronde is a color technique that fuses brown and blonde for an almost chocolate brown. This is the perfect option for warm brunettes and blondes to add brightness and contrast to their hair color. One dimensional hair color can wash out your face, aging you. Ask your stylist for a subtle gradation from the roots.

  1. Rose gold

Rose gold has been having a massive moment over the past few years, showing up on both younger and mature people. But this hair shade only works on people with an adventurous spirit. And what higher way to look more youthful, than to experience it! The fine component approximately this hue for light blondes is that you do not even need a trip to the salon. Replace your ordinary shampoo with a purple shampoo whenever you want to go pink. Keep using it until you’ve reached your preferred shade of rose gold. Then use it once or twice every week to preserve your color


  1. Warm blonde highlights

 A darker base with warmer highlights fits any complexion. Get this color look by starting with a base that’s close to your herbal hair color. Ask your colorist to apply an aggregate of foil and balayage highlights a couple of shades lighter than your base to gain a vibrant, natural color. Swap out your regular shampoo with silver shampoo hair once a week to keep away from brassiness.


  1. Chocolate brown hair

Chocolate brown hair is a brunette hair color that resembles shades of chocolate candy.

Light hair isn’t for everyone. But if you’re a lady with dark locks, do yourself a favor and go for warm, chocolaty shades rather than cool brown tones. This beautiful chocolaty color is the perfect example of Warm, classy, and youthful!

Mistakes to avoid during hair color

  • Coloring overly damaged hair: Aging hair is weaker and less resilient, so it doesn’t bounce back as easily from damage. If you’re already working with damaged hair, overly coloring it will eventually result in breakage.
  • Washing your hair too often: Every time you wash your hair, you strip it of its color and moisture. You lose shine as you get older, and over washing only makes it worse.
  • Going to dark: Hair that’s too dark doesn’t reflect light. It can look opaque and age you, zapping life and color from your face. Very dark, one-dimensional hair will put a spotlight on your grays and regrowth
  • Going too light: Our skin gets more sallow with age and a few highlights a shade or two lighter around your face can refresh your complexion, but going too light can be just as aging as going too dark. It’s important to maintain a contrast between your hair color and your skin tone.
  • Going heavy on highlights: The point of adding highlights is to produce a natural, lived-in color mimicking the pattern that would show up naturally if it was lightened by the sun. If the highlights get too white or icy, it can be very aging. Try to stay away from choppy, obvious highlights.
  • Making a drastic color change by yourself: if you’re thinking of making a bold hair color move at home, like going from black hair to blonde hair or vice versa, think again. Aging strands are fragile and extreme colors usually require extra bleach before depositing color and that can be really damaging to the hair.

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