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How can ERP software improve your logistics management?

During the last two decades, companies have used various logistics software in order to increase their productivity, gain efficiency or achieve profit objectives. Nowadays, a company will hardly be able to be competitive on the market if it does not use certain logistics tools such as logistic management software. ERPlogistics will then be a logistics software integrated into the operation of the company which will facilitate the various exchanges and operations related to the logistics of the structure.


The use of a ERPlogistics makes it possible to assist the company in setting up a much more efficient managerial and management system for the various sub-structures. The actions of this logistics software are perfectly visible around 5 main points.

Stock management

With logistics software , the management system is centralized. All information related to the company’s logistics can be found in one place. This includes order orders, sales, deliveries, etc. This allows the company to make decisions much more easily (e.g. supply decision). And to make forecasts based on historical data stored in the logistics tool . ERP. The manager will be able to take a look at previous sales trends or the last delivery period. And make adjustments automatically when necessary. In addition, real-time access to information allows the various partners of the structure to immediately receive notifications in the event of out of stock, receipt or transfer of a product.


The ERP logistics tool also comes into play in the marketing of the various products. The distribution aspect of a company ‘s logistics management is one of the most important aspects of business life. This involves the management of the different distribution flows and the transport of the different goods from the storage locations to the buyer. Once again, thanks to its data centralization system, the logistics ERP facilitates the control of distribution flows. With regard to the transport needs of the goods, the logistics software (Business Central Implementation )ensures that the carrier receives the products ordered, and that he effectively transmits them to the customer in due time. This logistics tool allows direct communication between drivers and coordinators, to receive traffic information in real time and to be aware, without delay, of any emergency situation or transport concern that may have been encountered by the carriers.

Staff management

Managing staff can sometimes be complicated, especially in a logistics company, where staff can constantly move around the city, the country or even the world. To always be perfect in the management of the different members of staff therefore requires incredible effort and extra work in registering each person and each movement made by these people. The logistics ERP makes this task much easier. This logistics tool acts on different aspects of personnel management, which are:

  • The retention of various information on all employees;
  • Control of transport times from one place to another;
  • The establishment of a system of increases and bonuses;
  • Recording and analysis of the various performances of staff members;
  • Management of permanent and temporary employees;
  • The management of the work schedules of each employee:
  • The establishment of a list of temporary employees to contact in case of need or emergency.

Cost management

Logistics software such as Logistics ERP makes it easier for companies to manage overall expenses and costs for each period. This is possible because these logistics management solutions make it possible to make decisions much more precisely and quickly than before. By not having to wait long for information to trickle down to decision makers and with immediate feedback, it becomes easy to address issues as they arise. This speed of reaction therefore reduces the costs that would have been incurred for the transmission of information and the consequences generated by the slowness of reception of the solution to be adopted. It is therefore possible to act before a small concern becomes a much bigger one and generates exorbitant expenses for the structure. This efficiency allows companies to maintain or increase their level of monthly productivity.

Customer management

The logistics ERP makes it possible to set up a system. That can provide a detailed analysis of each customer and record all their information. Thanks to this, the company can build and maintain a large customer database. Detailing the actions to be taken with each of these partners. Easy, fast and direct access to all the necessary information considerably reduces the risk of errors or failure to respect a promise made to a client. In the business world, the trust of its partners is essential to prosper. The logistics ERP will therefore remind you. If you have an appointment scheduled with a customer.


Companies that use logistics management software notice many benefits whether from a managerial, structural or time organization point of view. Some benefits of logistics tools such as logistics ERPs are becoming essential to the operation of establishments that have integrated them into their logistics management .

Appropriation of the logistics tool

Logistics companies each have specific ways of running their business. For this, they need logistical tools that will take into account their own needs as well as their constraints. These logistics management solutions must allow the company to customize the options and applications. This allows full integration of the logistics software . It is precisely this advantage that the logistics ERP offers . It gives the possibility to each company to appropriate the system. In order to allow a better efficiency in the management of the various elements taken into account.

Cost reduction

Logistics software is a logistics management solution that not only helps to better manage costs. But also to lower them by accelerating the exchange of information between the different stages of the production or distribution chain. It then becomes possible to perform more tasks in much less time. This reduction in action time also gives rise to a reduction in execution costs. The improvement in productivity is therefore visible not only in the performance of each employee and in the limitation of risks. But also in the reduction of costs and the increase in profits.

Inventory optimization

Under-production, like over-production of products, can lead a company to its loss. To avoid this scenario, it is essential to have the optimal quantity of materials in stock. There must not be too many materials or finished products. At the risk of running out of goods to provide to the customer or ending up with products to be scrapped. The logistics software , Power BI implementation to prevent this kind of situation, allows the development of a structured and detailed production and supply plan.

Visibility through logistics software

When the logistics software is fully integrated into the system. It is easy to obtain useful information and use it for marketing and relational purposes. But also externally with customers. Thus, it will improve the visibility of the company and its relationship with customers.

Logistics plays a key role in the functioning of a country by allowing the production, supply, distribution, and even storage of goods from different companies and structures. The more structured a logistics company. The more advantageous it is, not only for it. But also for the customers. Using logistics management software is therefore a profitable choice for all elements of the production and distribution chain. But also an incredible boost in the personal management of an organization.


John Smith is a Marketing Manager for an UK & USA leading Microsoft Dynamics Partner, Dynamics Square. The company help enterprises seamlessly manage, and drive their operations with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Power BI Services, Dynamics 365 Finance, Supply Chain, Sales, Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Power Apps, Business Central Implementation Upgrade NAV To Business Central and Microsoft Dynamics GP.

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