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How can I fix MS Outlook Crashes at Startup?

While Outlook is an excellent email application, a lot of users experience issues using this application. Outlook crashes after a recent update at beginning, and freezing often and having issues sending emails are among the most frequent problems that users face when using Outlook.

User Question: I am working with Outlook 2016 on Windows 10. I’m using an office365 email and I have changed my password in office 365. The outlook crashes for a couple of seconds since I believe it was looking for account’s new credentials for passwords. It was then that I visited the Credential Manager and removed the credentials that were generically listed for the outlook email account. Now, my Outlook crashes during startup. If I attempt to start the application, Outlook opens and closes instantly. Please help!

Another user was faced with the same problem: I open the Outlook app, however, it starts to open, after which it closes. I’m not able to resolve this. What can I do. Are these issues an ongoing issue?

In this article, we will take a some look at solutions to solve Outlook crashes when it starts. We’ve covered a few simple and effective ways to solve the issue of Outlook closing and opening, take a look.

Solutions to Fix Outlook crashes during Startup:

Follow the four steps listed below to successfully reslove Outlook that is crashing when it’s starting.

1. Start Outlook in Safe Mode to fix Outlook crashes when it is opened

If you’re Outlook is not opening properly or Outlook fails to start or when Outlook gets stuck in processing It is possible to fix it through opening Outlook using Safe Mode. For opening Outlook within Safe Mode, follow the instructions below.

  • Close Outlook if you have it open
  • Open the Run dialog box.
    • If you are using Windows 10, Windows 8.1 or Windows 8 Press the Windows logo key + R.
    • To run Windows 7, click Start and search for “Run” in the search box, then click Run..
  • Now enter outlook.exe and then press Enter.
  • Close Outlook
  • Following these steps, you can restart Outlook normal.
  • If the issue isn’t causing you to occur, then proceed on to step. This suggests that there’s an issue with some extensions in Outlook that cause the “Outlook crashes when it starts” problem.

NOTE: If you have recently changed your outlook 365 software and it’s crashing when it starts up and trying to open Outlook with safe mode won’t work. You’ll need to resolve the Outlook 365 crash with the solutions provided in the informative write-up highlighted.

2. Delete Add-ins

The addition of add-ins enhances the functionality of your Outlook by offering additional features and improvements. In some instances it could disrupt normal operations and cause Outlook to crash or hang. To deactivate add-ins, you must follow the steps below.

  1. Click on File and then Option and then Add-ins
  2. On the Manage drop-down menu, choose the COM-Add-ins drop-down menu > Select Go
  3. Make sure that the add-ins are disabled and then uncheck the add-ins that are enabled and uncheck. Save the changes, then restart Outlook.

If you find that your Outlook is running fine right now It is likely that add-ins were the reason. However, it is crucial to pinpoint the add-ins that are causing problems. To determine that, go through the add-ins, one at a time and then restart Outlook. Repeat the procedure for all add-ins you have selected and then wait until Outlook crashes again.

You have now identified the issue with the add-in. Remove it from your computer permanently and then continue to use Outlook. Your issue should be solved. If it isn’t working, move on onto the next stage.

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3. Run Outlook Diagnostics Tool

  1. Download the diagnostic tool for automatic use from Microsoft’s website , and then run it in your PC
  2. Once the tool has completed the procedure, the issue will be solved. If, however, you are still having trouble visit Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant for Office 365
  3. Select Outlook at the top of your screen. Click Next.
  4. Choose any of these options in accordance to your specific situation.
  • Outlook is always frozen or hangs.
  • Outlook is crashing with it’s Outlook crashes with the message “Microsoft Outlook has stopped working” Next

This program will assist you fix the majority of errors within Outlook. If you discover that the issue is still there it could be due to something wrong with the PST files, this will be discussed in the following solution.

4. Repair PST File using Regain Outlook Repair Tool

If none of these solutions can resolve the Outlook crash issue This means that the Outlook data file has become damaged. This happens when the program attempts to access the file, but is unable to access it. However, frequently Outlook crashes can also cause destruction of your Outlook unavailable. Therefore, you should start thinking how to fix your PST file following your Outlook crash.

Regain Outlook PST Recovery tool is able to fix all kinds of corruption issues that can occur in any of your PST files. It doesn’t matter if the corruption is because of the way you store your PST file on the server or because of poor sectors on your hard drive, the cause is irrelevant; Regain Software can solve the problem.

After the PST file is fixed after which it can be imported into Outlook and you’ll be able to view all of your Outlook items the same manner as the original. Furthermore, the program is compatible across all editions of Outlook such as 2019, 2016 and 2013 2007 and 2007.

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