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How To Change The Lock On The Door Step By Step Guide

How To Change The Lock On The Door Step By Step Guide

When most individuals move into a new property, the first thing they do is change the lock on the doors. If you don’t know who else has the key to this house door, we strongly advise you to take this precaution. When moving, safety should always be a primary priority. Even if the biggest benefit is merely an additional piece of mind, you’ll be better off going the extra mile when it comes to the safety of your new house. With that in mind, keep reading to learn how to change locks on your new home, including what supplies you’ll need and when you should hire a professional instead of doing it yourself.

What you’ll need to change the lock on the door

Gathering all necessary items is the first step in any home DIY project. And there are only a few tools you’ll need to replace locks, two of which you presumably already have in your arsenal.

Tools we used to change the lock on the doors are:

New Lock

For each door you want to rekey, you’ll need a new lock.. Each locking element you’ll need, including mounting hardware and the inside turner, is normally included in a conventional deadbolt kit. If possible, purchase a replacement lock with the same make, model, and manufacturer as the one you’re replacing. This will guarantee that it is a good fit.

Measuring Tape

Take measurements before going to the hardware store. Even though most new deadbolts are adjustable, double-check that you’re in the right range. You may find a decent overview of how to measure door locks here.


Determine if you’ll need a flathead or a Phillips’s head by looking at your existing gear. Depending on the screws in your new lock kit, you may need both types of screwdrivers.

How to change the lock on the door step by step Procedure

Step1: Remove the old deadbolt lock and hardware

Removing a lock is a simple task. Remove the screws and the turn plate from the inner side of the lock (the side with the turner). You should now be able to look through the hole. Open your door to see the side of the lock (the narrow part that runs along the inside of the door) and remove those nuts. Remove the rest of the door’s lock hardware.

Step2: Put your new deadbolt

Install your new lock hardware in place of the old one. On one side of most deadbolts, you’ll see “up” to assist you in figuring out where to put it. To secure the hardware in place, use the mounting hardware that is included with the lock installation kit.

Step3: Put Your New lock

Both the locking/key part and the rotating part of your new lock will fit into slots in the deadbolt. Assemble the components in the proper locations and attach them with the screws included in your deadbolt assembly kit.

Step4: Testing

Instead of presuming that your new lock works, always test it after installation. To do so, make sure it locks and unlocks with the key and the internal turner. Call Lock Installation in Melrose Park for the best services when your new lock does not work properly.

When to Call a Professional locksmith

As you can see, learning how to change the locks on a new property is not difficult. However, there are several situations when you should probably use a professional locksmith rather than attempting to rekey on your own.

If your house is old

While not impossible, finding a replacement for old locks might be challenging. Bring in a locksmith who is skilled with rekeying older locks if you’ve moved into an old house and are dealing with a non-standard deadbolt. When your old house lock does not work properly, call Lockout service in Hillside to open the door locks.

If you’re not sure about your DIY abilities

Painting and grouting are two DIY projects you may tackle, even if you’re a complete novice. But it’s better to be cautious than sorry when it comes to the security of your house and family. While replacing your locks yourself will save you money, it’s more crucial that you have trustworthy security.

If you want a master key system

You may decide to install a master key system in your home, which is a lock system that allows one key to unlock all of the doors. While you can install these complex lock systems on your own, a locksmith has already been educated to do so.


How do we change the lock on my front door? You may get an appropriate front door lock at any hardware store in the neighborhood. Check that it fits the door slab and provides adequate security for your home. Some people want a complete replacement that includes a new lock mounted to the slab.

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