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How To Draw A Cloud

Draw A Cloud

Draw a cloud in just six easy steps! There are rare things more comfortable than strolling outdoors and appreciating heart. When you want nature outside, seeing a beautiful blue sky filled with puffy white clouds is lovely. If you loved going out and enjoying the beautiful clouds and the sun, you might have thought of drawing clouds yourself, but you don’t know where to start. If this says like you, you should maintain a lesson! To assist you, we have this joy and simple direction on how to draw a cloud in 6 states to get you on the correct path! lotus drawing

How To Draw A Cloud – Allows Call Activated!

Step 1

In this rather phase of our focus on how to draw a cloud, we’ll start simple. Carefully draw a curved horizontal line, as seen in the reference image. We’re developing this line in the following steps, so we’ll move on to the next step once it’s drawn!

Step 2: Add some more elements to your shadow.

Currently, if you have the somewhat curved tube that makes up a large part of your cloud drawing, you can start adding more fluffy sections to it.Just draw three or four smaller pieces that stand out from the part you drew in the previous step. We’ve added two pieces to the left and one to the right in our image, so you can replicate that or tweak it a bit for a unique look!

Step 3: Now, draw the sides of your cloud.

We will continue adding to your cloud drawing from the last step. Using curved lines, join up a few small pieces that angle down from where you last left off. Next, use two more extensive curved lines on each side to form the sides of your cloud. As you can see from our reference image, the curved line on the left side is a bit larger than the one on the right. This is to make the cloud a bit more jagged, and you can change the size of the different chunks in a way that suits you!

Step 4 – Next, draw at the bottom of the cloud

We will add a background for your cloud in this step of our guide on how to draw a cloud. To do this, create a continuous line of many small, curved, lumpy lines you drew earlier. Make this line run side to side for the entire old cloud shape. For this step, you can also vary the size of the lumps as you see fit, so it’s just how you like it!

Step 5: Now, you can share with your cloud some last elements.

Your cloud drawing is almost done and ready to be colored now! Before moving on to the final step, we have a few minor details. We added wavy lines inside the cloud to give it extra pockets. You can replicate these lines, add your variations, or even draw different parts of this image! You can accomplish a ton to personalize your drawing. You can draw a few more clouds around it or draw details like flying birds or the sun shining down to give it even more personality! What details will you add to complete your cloud drawing?

Step 6: Finish your cloud drawing with color.

Now that you’ve drawn your shadow and counted some final details, you’ve almost reached the end of this guide on how to draw a cloud! Before it’s done, it will need some nice colors, and that’s where you can have fun showing off your creativity. If you’ve drawn some fun extra details, you can also color them to add some beautiful pops of the paint party to your picture. You can also choose what kind of paint you enjoy for the knowledge to present the type of daylight in your shadow graphic. You can use a lovely orange to give the impression of a sunset or a sunrise.

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