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How to Draw a Tree House

Would you like to retain how to draw a tree house? A tree house, also named a tree fort or tree freed, is a “building constructed around, beside, or between the crate or branches of one or more adult trees” above ground level. Most tree houses are built for fun. Children like to play in the tree houses in the backyard. However, indigenous peoples live in traditional tree houses in some parts of the world. 

And today, more people are interested in building and living in modern tree houses just for the novelty. Did you know that tree houses can be more environmentally friendly than other building methods because they don’t require the removal of mature trees from the land? Design the tree house of your dreams with the help of this drawing guide. If you liked this tutorial, check the following drawing guides: Lighthouse, Simple House, and Dog House.

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Step-by-Step Instructions for Drawing a Tree House.

Step 1

Begin the tree house’s outline by drawing the tree’s roots. Use overlapping curved lines to remove the gnarled trunk and roots. Let the lines meet at the points of the root tips.

Step 2

Again, use a series of coinciding curved pipes. Then draw a couple of parallel horizontal curved lines and connect them at one end. Below this, remove another narrow shape using parallel stripes. This serves as the base or foundation of the tree house.

Step 3

Start drawing the walls of the tree house. Encloses square and rectangular shapes. Use a parallelogram with rounded corners to form the roof of a section. Use vertical lines to give components a three-dimensional appearance. Finally, use a series of tubes in a “U” shape to enclose the greenery at one end of the tree house.

Step 4

Use curved lines to enclose the triangular and rectangular parts of the roof of the tree house. Use a curved line to give the top a three-dimensional look, and draw a small circle near the eaves. Enclose a just window on the flank of the house. Draw small rounded rectangles to form the “L” shaped handrails on the front of the tree house.

step 5

Draw a small rectangle for the door with an oval for the latch. Draw a smaller circle and one more shape to outline the window frames inside the window. Then remove a platform at the back of the house. Use pairs of straight horizontal lines for the top and bottom rails, connecting each set at the ends. Then draw teams of vertical pipes between them. Use a short straight line to enclose triangle-shaped support.

Step 6

Draw a flagpole on the porch. Extend a lineup and fold it back on itself to form the post. Enclose the curved rectangle body of the flag using curved pipes. Then use curved lines to draw the tree branch and leaves growing through the house’s roof.

Step 7

Use curved lines to draw more tree branches and leaf branches.

step 8

Continue using a series of lines in a “U” shape to trace the tree’s leafy canopy. Then draw a string ladder to allow the ticket to the tree house. Use two curved lines for the ladder’s sides, connected by many horizontal lines.

step 9

Fill in the outline of the tree house using curved lines to outline the knot in the tree, and draw small branches and tufts of grass around the roots.

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