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How To Fix Common Dryer Problems If It’s Taking Time To Dry

Nowadays, people install dryers in every home and building. Firstly, these dryers are easy to use. Secondly, we can save so much time by using them. However, every dryer faces some common dryer problems, and we need to address them in detail. Therefore in this article, we will talk about some common dryer problems and their solutions.

Causes Of A Dryer That Takes Too Long to Dry Clothes

If your clothing is taking numerous cycles in the dryer to dry entirely, you may need to perform some troubleshooting on your appliance. Fortunately, we’ve compiled a list of the top five reasons why your dryer may be taking too long to dry your clothes.

Furthermore, Dryers include various mechanical components that help insulate, seal, and move the dryer’s drum to dry clothing as efficiently as possible. You may also need to examine the gas valve or pipes if you have a gas dryer.

  1. Lint Screen Clog:

When your dryer takes too long to dry clothing, one of the first things you should examine is the lint screen or lint filter. When your clothing isn’t drying, this is the simplest and greatest initial action to do.

Lint screens divide the duct flowing away from the machine from the dryer drum and trap lint particles. Lint particles collect on the screen. We must clean the screen after every time we use the dryer.

If you don’t clean the dryer lint screen, you risk starting a fire and not obtaining the optimal airflow and drying from your dryer.

 Thus, we can say that we need to clean dryers daily. You can contact dryer vent cleaning Roswell, GA. They have the best cleaners available. Moreover, rates are quite affordable. 

  1. Unsealed Drying Drum:

When we do not properly seal the drum, troubleshooting becomes more complex. Firstly, a felt liner surrounds the dryer drum. Secondly, it prevents extra air from leaving or entering the heated portion of the dryer where we have stored our garments.

However, Clothes might take far too long to dry if the seal on the dryer drum is cracked or delaminated. It is a more complicated repair, but it is doable at home if you are ready to open up the dryer’s body.

  1. Defective Door:

The door seal is another dryer component that insulates the heated region where the garments are dried. However, the Seal present on the door is often constructed of felt or rubber and runs the length of the door.

If the door seal is missing or damaged, the door will lose heat from the drum, reducing the dryer’s effectiveness.

  1. The Blower Wheel Is Faulty Or Broken:

If your dryer’s insulation and airflow are fine, there might be more significant technical issues with your dryer. The blower wheel is the first component to inspect.

In addition to this, it is an internal component that transports hot air from the coil to the dryer drum, where we have placed our clothes. 

The wheel will not spin if it is filthy or damaged. A non-spinning blower will not circulate warm air into the dryer drum where the clothes are being dried.

  1. Burnt Out Or Dirty Heating Element:

The heating element and coil in the dryer are the components that provide heat. Firstly, the coil warms up and is enclosed in the housing of the heating element. Secondly, we wire this heated coil to the panel. Lastly and most importantly, it includes many override fuses.

If any of these connections, or the coil itself, gets dusty or damaged, we must clean or replace the heating element.

If you’re weary of constantly putting your clothing through the dryer and having to run many cycles to dry a single load of clothes, it’s time to take action. 

How To Solve Dryer Problems

The best remedies for the most common clothes dryer problems that take too long to dry are listed below.

  1. Clean The Lint:

Brush away extra lint from the filter’s face using your fingertips or a towel to clean it. It will clump up the lint. After that, we can discard this lint easily. You should also clean the filter with a moist cloth and let it dry before putting it in its slot. Alongside, it would be best if you clean your air duct more often. It would be helpful if you sanitized it. For this purpose, you can call cleaners from air duct sanitizing Roswell, GA.

  1. Change The Drum Seal:

The drum seal must properly adhere to the dryer drum’s circumference. We should immediately replace the seal if it is missing, damaged, or loose.

Remove the dryer’s front panel with a soakle knife or flat head screwdriver to replace the drum seal. Then, find the point where the drum and the paneling intersect. It is the location of the seal.

Scrape away extra glue from the old seal with the spackle knife. Install a new seal and firmly press the adhesive side to the drum’s circumference. Do the trial test afterward.

  1. Replace Or Clean The Door Seal:

On an older unit, the door seal on a dryer that takes too long to dry, like the drum seal, can become dirty, loose, or broken. Purchase a new seal with adhesive and shape it to the length which is required for the perimeter of where the dryer door meets the front panel.

Scrape away any extra glue around the door’s perimeter. Gently push the seal into place, making sure it fits all the way snugly around with no gaps. Gently close the door and double-check it.

  1. Regular Cleaning Of The Blower Wheel:

To avoid the risk of electrocution, unplug your dryer and wear rubber gloves whenever you operate inside it.

The blower wheel is an internal dryer component that we access by opening the dryer’s back panel. To open the rear panel, unscrew it and remove it. Locate the blower, a circular fan, and a motor wired to the panel.

Test the connections and motor of the blower wheel using a multimeter. We should change the blower if any connections show an infinite reading. If these connections are secure, wipe the blower with a moist cloth and move it back and forth to remove any dust or lint.

  1. Replace Or Clean The Heating Element

Behind the rear panel, the heating element is housed in a metal shell. Remove the rear panel by unscrewing it. Find the metal casing, a metal box with a coil within it.

Test the connections and wiring of the fuses and coil in the heating element with a multimeter. If any of the connections read infinitely, the fuse or coil should be changed. If these connections are sound, try wiping down the coil with a dry cloth to loosen and remove any lint or dust buildup.


In conclusion, we can say that it is quite common for our dryers to glitch. However,  we can solve this issue at home by ourselves.

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