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How to Fix Freezing Issue in MacBook

Apple hardware & operating system is one of the best when it comes to performance to run any task and work like new for years. Many users never faced any issues with their mac for 8-9 years of course they have not done anything different but basic maintenance from time to time and here we will discuss the most common reason why the apple MacBook freezes here we will share troubleshooting you can try before taking your MacBook to the MacBook repair center.

The troubleshooting we are sharing needs to be for old MacBook such as A1466 or A1502 models only hence we request you do not perform this on any other device. In the process of troubleshooting if you anytime feel it’s not working as we have explained in this content. Then we recommend you to get in touch with any local MacBook technician for assistance but do not perform anything extra as it can make the situation worst.

Unwanted Apps:

Login into your MacBook air and check if there are any unwanted resources is consumed. Under activity manager if you noticed any app is consuming resources of the device. You can go to System Preferences and under “USERS” you will see a login item. If you see any app in that you can remove all the apps. As these apps are default gets startup with the boot which can be one reason for the slow booting or MacBook freezing while working. Apart from that you can click on the launcher and see and remove all unwanted applications by going into the application folder. Always make sure that there is a minimum of 10GB of free space in the hard drive. Full hard drive can also create the issue related to slow and hangs.

Hard Drive:

This is a common issue in 2012, A1278MacBook pro models as there is a mechanical hard drive that tends to were out over the time of use hence if you are still using this model do run a health check of the disk by going into the “DISK UTILITY” and run health bad health of disk or error related with S.M.A.R.T can also cause the MacBook freezing if the diagnose results say about this error you must take a backup of the drive and before you perform do check with apple MacBook repair near me as it may be possible the hard drive may die while taking the time machine backup & the best solution, in this case, the scenario is to take a backup manually where the technician back up important files first and then rest all the files are copied. The data recovery services are expensive hence it’s better to get assistance from a technician.

Reset NVRAM:

This SMC and PRAM reset is very safe to perform as there is no data loss. The process is quite simple resetting NVRAM can fix if there is any glitch in the system. to reset, first restart your Mac. Press & hold CMD + OPT +P+ R until the display flash. Hold the keys down until you get 2 flashes then release the keys and you will hear the startup sound. Resetting SMC (System Management Controller) you need to turn off the Mac and make sure the charger is connected with the orange led on it. Press Shift + Ctrl + Opt and the Power Button at the same time. Hold for a few seconds and release you will notice the led light changed from orange to green and back to orange which indicated the successful SMC reset. Later you can boot the device normally and start using it.

MacOS reinstallation:

Now this process you need to be careful and first take a full-time machine backup. Once the backup is done you can process with MacOS reinstallation. Many a time Operating System can also be the reason for freezing MacBook pro or iMac. Once the backup is done verify the backup and turn off the device. While booting press CMD+R. It will take you to the recovery mode where you can connect to the internet first (Make sure you have active internet as this process may 2hrs and requires high-speed internet) and select the language you will see a window with UTILITY. Under utility go to disk management and erase the disk. Keep all the setting defaults and close the window. Then process with Internet recovery and reinstall the MacOS. All the troubleshooting we have shared is related to a software point of view. The possibility of hard drive faulty which for which you can take to any apple store for diagnosing.

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