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How To Get Your Security Deposit Refunded In Full When Moving Out?

It is not easy to move and relocate from one place to another. It involves a lot of packing and moving which can drive you mad. Moving is a big change and it can affect everyone in the house. The end-of-lease cleaning is one of the important tasks to do when you are moving out of your rented space, apartment, or house. Here is a guide on how to get your security deposit refunded in full when moving out.

Move-out cleaning is required by law in many countries to get back the security deposit that the landowner owes you. This will be also mentioned in the lease agreement. The house should be returned to the landlord exactly as they rented it out to get the complete refund of the security deposit.

Go By The Checklist

In some countries, you will be given a checklist by the landlord when you move in. which has the complete list and state of everything in your rented space. When you move out, your space will be evaluated based on this and the security money will be returned based on this checklist. If you are not given one, then make one on your own.

Check Every Fixtures And Repair

Once you have the checklist with everything in the house on it, go and check the state of every light fixture, appliance, switch, and nail. Make sure that you mark the ones that need a replacement or a fix. End-of-lease cleaning is not just about cleaning, it includes both cleaning and repairing. It is all about returning the space that you got exactly as you got it. After creating the checklist, repair everything that needs to be fixed and replace things that are beyond repair.

Clean The Indoors Thoroughly

Make sure that you clean the house one or two days before moving out and signing the end of the lease contract. This will ensure that the house is clean and as good as new when your landlord comes to inspect it. You should thoroughly clean the bathrooms, kitchen, and sink and save these areas for the last. It is best to clean, once you have sent your things to the new place.

Don’t Forget To Clean The Outdoors

People get so concerned about cleaning the interior of the house that they often tend to forget about cleaning the outdoors. To get your bond money reimbursed, you need to make sure that your yard, walls, roof, garden, driveway, and garage remain clean.

To Sum Up

end-of-lease cleaning or bond cleaning or move-out calling has different names in different countries but is a necessity in most countries to ensure the return of security deposit or bond money. To get a complete refund you have to ensure that the interior and exterior are clean and completely repaired. Doing end-of-lease cleaning or bond cleaning when you are about to move is hectic. If you think it is too much for you, get help from bond cleaning experts to help you with it.

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