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How to Identify a motor run capacitor is bad

Identify a motor run capacitor

The Motor run capacitors  are similar to a battery pump to start the motor, but in fact activate the second stage of the winding (auxiliary winding) to create a rotating magnetic field while the motor is running.

If the pump does not start, you will hear a “zunit” or “nnnh” sound, you may have a faulty capacitor. It is not uncommon for the condenser to disintegrate after several years of use, as the microfarad  may compress over time, so the resulting engine may not start / run at full power.

Capacitors are usually placed in an electrical outlet directly above the motor. You can check to see if the capacitor is visually filled, broken, or otherwise damaged, and if so, you may think the capacitor is defective. You can also check the electrical cabinet for loose connections, voltages, or broken wires. Sometimes, even if the capacitor looks normal, it can still be bad and needs to be replaced.

If these errors occur, it is best to replace the capacitor completely. Replace with a capacitor of the same capacity.

Why is it possible to replace a capacitor of the same rating?
If the wrong power value is set, it will create an uneven magnetic field around the rotor. This fluctuates in the uneven parts of the rotor, causing uneven rotation, especially under load. This fluctuation can lead to motor noise, increased power consumption, reduced performance, and motor overheating.

How to identify your  motor run capacitor pumps?

Capacitors are pretty universal for any pump, but you can buy a capacitor with the right Microfarad rating և with capacitors.

1. Disconnect the pump from the mains.
2. Remove the power box cover from the top of the motor to find the condenser inside.
3. Use an insulated flathead screwdriver to remove the condenser from the pad.
4. Look at the number of lateral microfarad  of the existing capacitor, which is the following UF number:
5. To remove the condenser, remove the two wires attached to the condenser using a screwdriver or flat-nose pliers.

Note: Capacitors can charge in small amounts, so always disconnect work with care.

How many capacitors?

Hot tub pumps
The bath pump usually only has one speed, so the electrical panel has only one capacitor.

Jacuzzi pumps
It can be 1 speed, but usually you will find that these pumps have 2 speeds, so they have 2 capacitors. The reason for the two capacitors is that one is for low speed և has a lower Microfarad rating and the other is for high speed և has a much higher Microfarad rating.

Pool pumps
Pool pumps may have two capacitors, one at the back (front capacitor) and one at the top (working capacitor). Smaller capacitors with the motor are usually indicate by a numerical range, i.e. 161-193 MFD, while larger silver capacitors, usually at the top of the motor, are indicate. With UF number.

Signs of a faulty motor run  capacitor

  • Your engine is running slow
  • Your engine will not stop running
  • This is not your capacitor if …
  • If your motor is completely empty (no movement or sound), the problem is bigger than the capacitor.

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