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How to Manually Combine Multiple Archive PST Files: A Step-by-Step Guide

Today’s article will cover one of the best and most efficient methods to combine multiple archive PST files.

Due to a large number of data files, users are occasionally vulnerable to data corruption, accidental deletion, poor data management, and performance problems with Outlook. Users can use.pst files they create as backups that can be quickly accessed at any time in Outlook. Combining archives is a smart move because it makes managing and organizing multiple archives easier.

Users can move outdated items to an archive, a separate Outlook data file (.pst), which you can access whenever you want from Outlook if the Outlook mailbox is large. Users currently need to combine multiple archive files that they have. Archiving items is simple, but users often struggle with merging files that have been placed in an archive folder. We will outline the entire procedure to complete this task in the section that follows.

Why is it Advantageous to Merge Archives?

Multiple archives to manage are difficult. The best course of action is to combine them into a single file. Here are a few advantages of merging:

  1. Avoid issues with accidental data deletion.
  2. Save time by not opening each file repeatedly.
  3. Do not send files one at a time.
  4. Maintain the efficiency of the Outlook program.
  5. Access information from various accounts in one location.

How to Manually Combine Multiple Archive PST Files

It is advised to first create a new PST file and import all archive PST files into it before merging the PST files. To finish this project, follow the steps below.

  1. Create a New Blank PST File in Outlook in Part 1
  2. Select More Items by clicking New Items. Exchange Data File
  3. Choose a name for the new PST file and a location to save it.
  4. Finally, click OK.

Part 2: Add Every Archive File to the New Blank PST File

  1. Open & Export can be found by selecting the File tab. Import/Export
  2. Click Next after selecting “Import from another program or file.”
  3. Click Next after selecting “Outlook Data File (.pst)”
  4. Choose “Do not import duplicates” after selecting the file you wish to import from the browse menu.
  5. Check the boxes next to “Import items into the same folder in” and “Include subfolders.”
  6. It’s done after you click Finish.

Does the manual method have any restrictions?

Yes, there are some limitations to the manual process. The entire process is very laborious and time-consuming. To complete the merge of archive PST files, you must use the import method again. Data loss or damage is a possibility when using this method.

Advanced Method to Combine Multiple PST Archive Files

Use the sophisticated PST Merge Tool for this task if you want a quick and secure solution. This cutting-edge tool offers the ability to merge two or more PST archive files without experiencing problems with size or data loss. To check out the tool’s efficacy, download it for nothing. For non-professional users, the software has a user-friendly and straightforward interface.


Although creating archive files is useful, managing them is a difficult and demanding task. The best way to manage all the files in one location is to merge archive PST files, which will make things simpler. Here, we’ve covered both manual and automated ways to combine PST files from different archives. Any approach that satisfies all of your needs is acceptable. Use a straightforward, secure solution that won’t harm your data.

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