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How To Select The Perfect Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Ring ?

A lab-grown diamond engagement ring is an option many couples are going with these days, and it’s not hard to see why. These rings are far more affordable than their mined-diamond counterparts, and they offer some important environmental benefits as well. But when it comes time to purchase one of these rings, how do you go about selecting the perfect one? Follow these simple tips and your bride-to-be will be singing your praises every time she looks at her hand!

lab grown diamond engagement rings are the newest trend in the diamond industry. As we’ve stated before, diamonds are carbon. The only difference between a naturally occurring, mined diamond and one that is grown in a laboratory setting (that is, synthesized) is that it has been created by humans. Lab-grown diamonds are produced by replicating natural processes over many months or years, via high heat and intense pressure—it takes about two weeks for scientists to grow a one carat stone in an actual laboratory setting. They cost around 1/3 less than mined diamonds of comparable quality; if you want larger stones then you can pay more for those.

Lab Grown Diamond Rings

Nearly every woman i’ve ever met has two things in common: a love of jewelry and a desire for her partner to get down on one knee and propose. If you are serious about proposing, you have already considered how you will ask your girlfriend or wife-to-be. Many men buy an expensive piece of jewelry, such as a large emerald cut diamond engagement ring, but often times those diamonds are not real diamonds. Recently, man-made diamonds have become popular because they are cheaper than natural diamonds and just as beautiful. What many people don’t know is that there is a third type of diamond out there that can be nearly identical to natural diamonds while being less expensive – laboratory created or lab grown diamonds.

Lab Grown Diamond Necklaces

While a discussion of 3d printing technologies is beyond the scope of this post, it’s important to note that they may also present opportunities for consumers. For example, some jewelers are using a powder technology called selective laser sintering (sls) or selective laser melting (slm) to make custom-designed jewelry and other products. Sls uses lasers that sinter metal powders into 3d shapes in patterns specified by cad files; slm uses lasers to melt down an alloy and build up a metal shape layer by layer. This means that jewelers will be able to offer consumers custom-designed jewelry made from precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum, even if there is not enough inventory in hand for them.

What Is The Best Color Of Lab Grown Diamonds For An Engagement Ring?

Many people think that a yellow-hued diamond is just not right for an engagement ring, but in fact there are times when it is preferable. Most diamonds fall somewhere on a color spectrum ranging from blue to green. Colorless diamonds are more expensive than those with hints of yellow, but they’re still usually less expensive than a whiter variety called fancy color. So what exactly does yellow mean? Yellow diamonds contain traces of chromium and nitrogen impurities that cause them to appear gold or brownish-yellow rather than true white. A certified gemologist can help you understand how these elements affect a stone’s price and appearance.

Finding A Designer Who Specializes In Lab Grown Diamonds

With its high quality and low cost, lab grown diamond necklaces  are quickly becoming a popular alternative for brides-to-be looking for an alternative to mined diamonds. While you can search online or go down to your local jewelry store, you’ll have a much easier time if you can find someone who specializes in jewelry made from synthetic gems. If you don’t live near an area where there are any retailers who specialize in using synthetic stones (like new york city or los angeles), then consider reaching out directly to designers, both online and through recommendations from friends. Your google search will help – see above – but be sure that when you contact these designers that they actually use synthetics in their work.

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