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We are often very confident in the functioning of the plumbing at home. Having water at home is such  conveniencewhether we are washing our hands or taking a shower


A pipe can occasionally burstor more commonly, water leaks may occur
Leaks and plumbing problems

Water leaks can be difficult to detect at first, but they can quickly become expensive to repair and add to your water bill. In order to protect our homes, it is critical to detect and fix the most common water leaks.

Before we can fix a water leak , we need to know that we have one and what type. These are some of the types of leaks that can appear:

  • Leaks due to damaged gaskets
  • Leakage due to braiding
  • Leaks due to poor stapling
  • Herringbone damage leaks
  • Poorly done installations
  • A damaged gasket leaks water.
    Over time, gaskets at the ends of pipes can wear out, causing water to leak from them. As a result, water leaks can occur.

    Types of leaks

    Chlorinated water leaks .

    Water is produced with chlorine in households, but this chemical also has another effect. It erodes the packaging of sanitary appliances. In some cases, chlorine exposure results in hardening of certain compounds used to make gaskets, while in other cases, it leads to premature wear. This can cause failure in its function and the consequent loss of water.
  •  Water leak due to braiding .There are some cleaning products that can damage aluminum braided connectors.
    With a decrease in water usage, even cleaning gasses may cause the hoses to burst due to increased pressure. Due to high pressure without a tube to transport liquid, users can experience a large leak because of this problem.
  • Water leak due to spike damage. This issue arises when the pins are made of an alloy of materials.
    The oxidation of these chemical compounds causes them to easily break and cause serious problems, just like chlorine

    Other types of Leaks

  • Leak due to poor installation. By improperly installing a connector, gaskets can be damagedovertightened or simply not transfer water as intended.

    Poor installation of galvanized pipe leads to damage to the ends and corrosion with use of sealants at the connections, resulting in gasket damage. In addition to lack of tools or ignorance, bad installations can also be caused by a lack of knowledge.

  • Poor stapling leads to water leaks. A problem similar to that of a poor installation.
    The hoses come loose from the spigot due to poor stapling on the components used for fastening.
    If we installed the pipe incorrectly, we won’t be exempt from having to adjust the elements again. This may be the most common problem.

    In order to install the connectors correctly, you must have the necessary tools and keep in mind the problems that can arise from poor installation as well as from not using the correct materials. At Home Depot you can find different products to solve leaks and plumbing problems.

    Problems with the Control Key

    Water stopcocks can cause various problems that also cause water leaks, as they may leak, not close properly or be dirty. It is not a difficult and long process, but it is laborious since it will require the main tap to be closed in order to shut off the water supply, after which the faulty one will be removed and a new one or repair will be installed or repaired. There are four types of problems that can cause water leaks:

    • bad installation
    • Broken Control Key
    • Does not close or does not open properly
    • Control Handle Leak
    • Bad installation . Although the installation of a Control Faucet can be very simple, the problem is the use of adapters with threads made of soft materials (such as PVC and CPVC). When the installation is done improperly or with little care, it can cause it to cross-thread, damaging the adapter, which allows water to come out, causing leaks through the threads. Not only must the proper materials be used and the tools tightened well, but it is also important to constantly test to see that everything is in order.
    • Control key broken or of poor quality . The quality of the materials used is a very common problem, especially due to the intense workload to which they are usually subjected. The use of poor quality control keys results in the breakage of the walls at the height of the internal thread, especially when adapters made of more resistant materials are joined when installing them, since it causes a lot of stress on the key causing that with the time it ends up breaking, causing a leak. Compression Control Wrenches also tend to fail, as the nuts break easily when tightened.

    Other Problems with the Control Key

    • They don’t close or open properly . When the Control Keys do not close or open properly they cause leaks; This is because it can be damaged by the chemical compounds in the water, because they are made of materials that are not durable, or even because scale has reduced their performance.
    • Control Handle Leak . The Control Faucets have inside a gasket with which the flow of water is controlled and another one that performs the functions of a seal. Both devices prevent water seepage through the stem of the Crank. These packages suffer from the same problems as the rest, because when they are exposed to chemicals in the water, they are easily damaged, which causes them to be damaged, deteriorate or break causing the water to leak.

    Problems in air traps

    Air traps are installed in the pipes to automatically remove the water that stagnates in them, however, they are not free from these types of failures:

    • corrosion leak
    • Hard packing leak
    • out of phase pipe
    • very low pipe
    • Corrosion leaks . When there are poor quality elements, corrosion due to exposure to chemical elements, as well as scale, cause problems in metal Traps causing leaks.
    • Hard packing leaks . As a result of low-quality materials, the gaskets become hard, losing their function and causing leaks. This causes the gaskets to cease performing their purpose of sealing the spaces in between the nuts and the body of the Trap, causing any movement of the nuts to cause the seal to break and leaks to occur.
    • Outdated pipe . It is a problem that is generally due to poor installation, since the pipes are out of place, either to one side or the other.
    • Very low pipe . A construction problem of sanitary facilities can affect a lot, when the recommended height and measurements are not respected , the installation must be done with extensions.

    As we can see, the materials and the installation play a fundamental role in our plumbing system, and for this reason we must have the best quality of parts, since they can suffer damage and wear and cause water leaks. In addition, care should be taken to use the proper tools when making a repair. If further problem still occur we need to seek professional plumber or property maintenance service.

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