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How to start a Virtual Accounting Firm?

A virtual accounting firm is a company that provides accounting services over the internet. In most cases, this means that a company hires a virtual accountant to prepare tax returns, generate reports, and other bookkeeping tasks. The benefit of using this type of firm is that it can save companies money by not having to pay for office space and other overhead.

To attract clients and generate positive cash flow, a virtual accounting company must be planned. Understanding your values and goals is the first step.

Understanding Your Goals

Setting your company’s goals is the first step to creating a successful business. A clear vision of where you want to go will help you to make subtotals and take steps to reach your ideal client base, and offer outstanding services.

Which services would you like to offer?

Your accounting firm should focus on tax preparation or tax planning. Do you prefer to work with financial reports or general data analytics? You can decide what services you wish to offer. This will help you determine the employees you need, what software you need, and how feasible your business plan is.

What do you want to do?

You can market yourself better to the ideal clients by choosing the right client base. Do you want to work with individuals, small businesses, or large corporations? Identifying your ideal customer will help you determine how to position yourself relative to scale and services.

What size do you want to grow to?

Knowing your ideal clients and services will help you decide how big you want your company to grow. You can plan your architecture for future expansion by knowing ahead of time what you are planning.

Are you looking to be involved in every aspect of the business for at least 5 years?
A Virtual accounting firm can be more hands-on than some accounting firms. You can decide whether a virtual firm is right for you or if you prefer to interact with clients in a more personal way.

Develop Your Core Values

A hybrid or remote virtual accounting firm should have core values to foster culture and help everyone stay on the same page. These values can help you provide quality service regardless of the location.

Your vision

A vision statement is a way to outline the goals of your company and what you hope to achieve long-term. Your vision statement should be no more than one to two sentences. This will give employees an idea of the company’s goals.

What do you value?

Think about your core values. Are you focusing on quality work, client relations, caring service or precise analytical services? It is possible to create direction in your vision statement by focusing on what you most value.

How do your clients value you?

Your vision should include what your clients think about your company. Whether it’s personal one-to-one support or a prompt resolution to problems, decide what will set you apart from your competition.

Create Efficient Remote Workspaces

It is essential to ensure that your home workspaces work efficiently in order to create a positive experience for remote workers. To make happy employees, it is important to build a tech stack that meets your company’s requirements and supports hardware and other equipment.

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Home office

A healthy home office is a key step in creating a productive remote workspace. You can make your home office more comfortable in many ways. When setting up remote offices, we recommend the following:

  1. Choose a space that is private to ensure privacy.
  2. Select the right lighting for your home office.
  3. When choosing a place for your desk, consider the noise.
  4. Inspire yourself
  5. You can make your office space yours by customizing it
  6. Green spaces can be added to your home office for increased productivity and less stress
  7. Install ergonomic equipment, such as a chair, a keyboard, and a desk.
  8. Other equipment requirements such as internet, routers, headsets, webcams, and whiteboards should be considered.

For your team

Consider the hardware that your team will require when setting up their workspaces. Remote teams may not always be able to meet with clients, so co-working space or other areas are important.

Equipment stipends

Employee equipment stipends can be a great way to help everyone access the tools they need. Don’t assume all employees have access to a computer at home. You should identify hardware requirements and make them available to all who require them.

Co-working spaces

Sometimes employees might prefer to work together or need to meet clients. Consider offering access to co-working spaces. This is due to remote work becoming more popular. Virtual firms may use public co-working spaces while others rent out specific areas for their employees. Others offer remote working stipends that can be used however the employee chooses. Be mindful of client and employee communication preferences as virtual communication can lead to misunderstandings and poor work/life balance. Co-working spaces can be a great way to create this connection.

Data Security

Remote work can pose a risk to data security. It is easier to hack or steal mobile devices or laptops when you use them for work. Make sure your employees have a solid data security policy and prepare for any eventualities. You can prevent major damage to your business by taking steps to prepare for the worst.

Select the right productivity tools

Your team will succeed by choosing the right technology stack and productivity tools. Remote work can be just as collaborative or more efficient if you have the right tools to automate and manage your projects.

Software for project management

Project management software can be used to bring together your entire team. It is simple and intuitive to assign tasks and automate your workflow so that you can send reminders directly at the assigned persons. Many remote companies have difficulty tracking productivity. Excellent project management software will help you ensure that your employees are productive.

Software for conferencing and messaging

Employees can stay connected through instant messaging and virtual meetings. Although your employees may not be talking around the water cooler, they can keep in touch with one another by sending them quick invitations for meetings or messaging each other through instant messaging software. Slack, Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Teams have all seen significant growth in popularity since the pandemic. You can integrate messaging and video functions into any other products you might purchase in your tech stack.

Software for signature Collection

If you intend to work remotely, signatures will be an integral part of your business. Software that allows you to collect signatures from clients will help you save time and streamline your workflow.

CRM and Client Portal

A client portal and a CRM will help you track clients and projects. A good CRM system will allow your team to stay on top of important deliverables. A client portal is a great tool that allows your employees to gather information and forms for customers without having to do so much legwork.
Portal provides a client portal, CRM, and all-in-one commerce solution. This includes billing and invoicing as well as file sharing and messaging. It also offers a place for your knowledge base. Portal combines all its features into an easy-to-use, customizable experience that clients can use to feel safe using your client portal. Portal client management software makes it easy to manage your tech stack by hosting all of your software under one roof.


It is now a great time for you to start your own virtual accounting business, as remote work is becoming more common. Remote firms are successful for their flexibility, employee happiness, lower overhead, and other reasons. To create a solid foundation for your business, it is important to discuss details like your company’s goals and values when you begin planning. It is difficult to create a strong company culture remotely so it is important that you start planning.

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