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How To Take Professional Makeup Classes Online!

The aftermath of the pandemic prevailed online makeup academies. As everything was going virtual, the prominent makeup artists decided to open up an online makeup academy. Even makeup tutorials and reels are so popular prominent that even when you randomly scroll through your Instagram feed. You can see at least 2 or 3 makeup tutorials by makeup artists.  

We all know how the pandemic affected makeup academies, and some were even shut due to the Coronavirus outbreak. According to the data presented by Statista, the value of the Indian cosmetic Industry was 11 billion US dollars. 

Let’s look at the ways through which you can learn from professional makeup classes online:

  • Learn from the best makeup artists online: 

    The best makeup artists are probably very firm to reach. So, you can find a platform that has a list of makeup artists with the ratings and reviews intact. There are various platforms, and even individual makeup artists have their own website, so you can directly enroll in the one you like

It sounds really relaxing and content when you are in the comfort of your own house and learning something, which was once done in academies! So yes, learning from the best is the major goal. This will improvise your skillset and help you garner an audience if you are planning to open up a makeup academy in the future. 

  • Learn in the language that you understand: 

    This is one of the major pointers while learning. Not all of us are comfortable in learning or speaking in Hindi. So yes, if you are comfortable in Hindi, you can tell your makeup artist, and they will do it accordingly! Plus, learning in the language that you connect with and understand will grow you as a person and professionally. 

If you are taking online classes, you can easily ask your makeup artist for personalized sessions. Personalized learning is important, especially for people who are more comfortable in Hindi, as they feel shy in front of others.

  • Free or paid Starter kit: 

    Whether you are a writer, a musician or any content creator. Starter kits are a must for every content creator online. For instance, a freelance writer gets a Document wherein the writing style and structure are written with the necessary keywords to use. 

In a similar manner, a makeup artist who is learning a makeup course gets a starter kit. In fact, for any course, you will get a starter kit. Like for the makeup course, your starter kit will contain the necessary information regarding the course, like the timeframe of the course, the subject that is going to be covered, brands and equipment that you are going to use, etc. 

  • Become a certified makeup professional: 

    Additionally, after completing the makeup artist course. You will be certified to work as a professional makeup artist in India. The National skill development corporation, run by the Government of India (NSDC), will certify you as a professional makeup artist. 

That is one of the perks of the professional makeup artist course online. Even though you will be trained online, the perks you get as a student will remain the same.  

  • Start your own business: 

    When you are a trained, and certified makeup artist, go ahead, and start your own business. Become an entrepreneur and train people in professional makeup courses directly certified by National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC). 

How CallXP can help makeup artists to set up an online makeup academy!  

CallXP is a virtual interaction and best monetization platform for content creators like makeup artists. Yes, after the pandemic when everything went online, makeup artists have also become content creators. 

The services we can provide to set up your own virtual makeup academy: 

  • CallXP will provide you with your own customized website after purchasing the license.
  • Our platform will provide you with a Digital visiting card that will be directly linked to the CallXP admin panel.
  • You can use the admin panel to schedule makeup classes and personalized sessions with people who are willing to pay for it.
  • People can directly book their slot using the admin panel.
  • On the virtual class, the controls will be in the hands of the host.
  • There will be an in-built whiteboard, which you can access to write down makeup tips.
  • Even you can pop up a quiz or a test while the session is going on to keep the students engaged.
  • Even if your internet quality is not good, and you are not able to see the video. You can still listen to what the artist is teaching.

 CallXP is a one-stop solution for makeup artists to set up their online business and become Solopreneur. 

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