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How to use technology for better transloading

With the rising E-commerce and digital world, technology has become a necessity to stay connected and updated. Logistics also require the use of technology. Transloading connects the world through roads, sea routes and air routes. It becomes even better when we use technology wisely. 

The future of transloading can change with these technological advancements. They will make your delivery safer, faster and more efficient. 

If you are tired of unnecessary shipping costs and damage to your materials, you should shift to transloading. DT Lines give the Best Transloading Services In Kent.

Use Transloading Software

A transload software has special automation through which you can unload, handle and reload materials. You can also track real-time data. This data includes bills, time, barcodes, pictures and tracking the status of a container whether it is full or empty.  

Scan the Barcodes

Barcode is a special label with black bars on a white background. It is unique for every product. When you have a barcode scanner, you can keep a track of product availability. Through this, you can also make sure about the correct delivery and current status of the product. Barcodes help you in maintaining stock details. When you set barcodes for your own company, it protects the maiterial you are shipping from getting lost. 

Apply the automated cubing systems

There is a device that measures the weight, dimensions and agility of cubes. This is called the automated cubing system. This gadget captures the photo, scans and labels the packed box. It helps in saving time and money and reduces a lot of human labor.

Utilize Smartphone Apps

Every person uses a smartphone these days. These tiny gadgets hold great power. We are more connected to the world with social media and other applications. There are many applications available which can help you with transloading. 

Through such applications workers, drivers, and shippers can use practically any device and conveniently input, access, and track important details. Smartphone apps help in improving the efficiency of transloading.

Transportation Management Systems

The world of logistics is evolving and transforming.The Transportation Management Systems help in making shipping a smooth run.

They are important to track containers when they move from warehouses to ships to trucks to rails and vice versa.The TMS platforms are built with end-to-end supply chain tools.This helps in streamlining the transloading process.


When you know the adequate use of technology, you can take your transloading services to the next level. Software and devices with an easy user interface are easy to use and learn. You can track products, make bills, do accounting, gather invoices, save client details and note down the delivery time. This will save a lot of time and money which you can invest in other things like better infrastructure, security etc.

If you want your products to reach the customers on time and too efficiently at affordable rates, then you can reach out to DT lines. They are the best transloading company in Kent. You can visit their website or contact them by phone.  

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