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Improving product quality with Industrial Design Engineering

As the industry transitions to digital transformation, improving quality is a crucial aspect. When quality requirements are not reached throughout the production process, manufacturers face significant financial crises.

Industrial engineering is a branch of engineering that focuses on the production process. Industrial engineers create, enhance, maintain, and implement the systems that allow a product to be manufactured.

Plant managers must discover the fundamental causes of their quality challenges in order to enhance manufacturing quality. You may use technology to go deep into your data and find previously undiscovered opportunities for improvement. As you embrace lean manufacturing, you will be able to unlock greater levels of efficiency and quality control in your business.

Importance of Quality in Manufacturing:

When there are quality consequences, there might be a lot of activity on the shop floor to deal with defective items. Such challenges not only lengthen working hours but also squander time and money.

Canceled orders, disgruntled clients, and reputational harm, as well as the possible loss of competitive advantage, are all consequences of dealing with a quality defect issue. Quality control is a fundamental component of any efficiency plan since reducing waste during the end-to-end production cycle is important for lean manufacturing.

How to Boost Manufacturing Productivity?

While there is no one-size-fits-all solution to increasing manufacturing quality, you may utilize a basic roadmap to develop your own strategy. Every operation is unique, but when integrating technology for quality control, this method may help operations run more efficiently and with less downtime.

Consider the following list of five key stages of industrial engineering services:

Stage 1: Examine Your Current Workflow

Examine your current workflow before implementing new technologies. As part of your conversation, ask the following questions:

  • What is the quality standard you want for each product?
  • What are the present expenditures associate with material and energy waste, as well as time and administrative costs related to quality issues?
  • What is your possible improvement margin?
  • Are your shop’s equipment and gadgets connected to a single database, or are you dealing with separate databases?
  • How can you use linked Internet of Things (IoT) devices to gain more insight into the functioning of your existing infrastructure?

You may start looking at how data can assist you to attain your goals once you’ve determined your quality standards and targeted margins for improvement. This is the initial step if your factory’s devices aren’t already connected to a single database. You can use technology and data analytics to support lean manufacturing and quality control if you have a single master database.

Stage 2: Discard Non-Valuable Processes

After you’ve reviewed your processes and used technology to gather and analyze your data, you can use data-driven insights to determine which procedures are valuable and which aren’t. This study not only helps you pick your finest areas for progress but also assists you in creating your own personal roadmap.

By measuring temperature and vibration in the early phases of your digital transformation journey, you may make adjustments to prevent unexpected machine downtime. It just takes around 60 days of data with the correct technology to start honing in on these improvements. By using predictive maintenance and resolving quality concerns caused by faulty devices, operations may possibly score extremely rapid victories.

There’s a chance that data-driven technology may result in a large boost in yearly cost savings. The outcomes vary widely depending on the operation, but in certain situations, we’ve seen manufacturers achieve 25 percent higher first-pass yield and 30 percent higher engineer productivity hours. Simply slapping technology on top of a factory’s existing machinery and devices yielded substantial effects, which is a huge step forward for manufacturers.

Stage 3: Improve Employee Training 

Because the human part of digital transformation is so important, it’s necessary to devote time to regular training and conversation, as well as mastermind groups to debate innovation and progress.

Setting clear objectives and duties, both as a team and as individuals, is critical. Regular team meetings to monitor the development of your technology-driven initiatives and to participate in continuing training can help you maintain momentum.

The focus on technology in discussions about digitaal transformation and the Internet of Things is common, but people are just as important in a manufacturer’s digital transformation journey. That is why, in addition to technology, training should be stress. People must understand how technology is employed throughout the end-to-end production process for maximum efficiency and adoption.

Stage 4: Set Productivity and Quality Objectives

It’s critical to understand and assess what success looks like in manufacturing in order to maintain increasing quality while optimizing efficiency. You may start small and build up by setting small and incremental targets against energy, production time, materials, quality control, working hours, and labor expenses by creating clear productivity and quality goals for yourself and your team. With Oden’s technology, you can track these objectives over time and obtain a comprehensive picture of manufacturing costs and progress.

From the shop floor to the offices, productivity and quality targets communicate the current state and, more significantly, the aim of your plant’s digital transformation.

Stage 5: Maximize Material Utilization

You may raise profits and improve supply chain management by reducing waste in your manufacturing run. Technology may be really useful in this situation, allowing you to discover innovative ways to reduce waste in the manufacturing process. Technology also allows you to have a better understanding of your whole supply chain, allowing you to better manage supply shortages and change your production schedule as needed. During the COVID-19 pandemic, supply chain visibility proved very useful for manufacturers, letting operations operate more agilely around complicated supply chain disruptions.

Is Industrial Engineering and Industrial Design the same thing?

Industrial designers and industrial engineers both work in the manufacturing industry, yet they have different roles to play. Industrial designers create products that will be created, while industrial engineers enhance the manufacturing process.

What is the job of industrial designer?

Industrial designers spend most of their time in offices, although they may travel to factories to see how their items are made. Industrial designers provide concepts for produced goods such as automobiles, household appliances, and toys. They create goods that people use every day by combining art, commerce, and engineering.

Is industrial designer a design engineer the same?

Design Engineering is the process of transforming a product’s design from an idea or prototype to a functional object that appeals to buyers. Industrial Design (ID) is a type of design that emphasises the product’s aesthetic appeal as well as its function.

How much does an industrial designer earn?

Industrial Designer salaries in India range from 2.4 lakhs to 19.0 lakhs per year, with an average of 7.0 lakhs. Estimated wages are based on 100 salaries from Industrial Designers.

Future of Design Engineer:

According to the CII, India’s design business was valued Rs 18,832 crore in 2020, and is expected to grow even more in 2021. The number of design firms is increasingly expanding in lockstep with the expansion of established firms.


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