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Investment Strategies for the Long Term – Dr. Anosh Ahmed

Long-term investment offers numerous benefits, including the higher potential for compounding. According to Dr. Anosh Ahmed, an investment that produces earnings allows you to reinvest and earn more. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure your money stays invested because it leads to compounding and growth.

However, Dr. Anosh Ahmed says you need an appropriate investment strategy that aligns with your goals, reduces the risks, and generates higher returns on investments (ROIs). Although there are numerous investment strategies to understand and implement, the following are the best for the long term. Read on!

Growth Investments

Growth investing is a solid strategy that focuses on buying stocks. It involves looking for businesses with a higher likelihood of growth. For instance, you must find companies with an expected growth above the average rate.

Most growth investors invest their money in new companies because they have a higher chance of expanding and increasing profitability in the future. You can invest in growth stocks and choose companies with higher expected earnings and continued growth.

Dr. Anosh Ahmed argues that growth stocks have higher price-to-book and price-to-earnings ratios. However, it is crucial to find high-rising industries. For instance, you can look for newer sectors and businesses with stronger-than-average development or growth opportunities.

Remember, identifying and investing in newer companies is not enough. You have to do your homework by analyzing their business operations and how valuable their worth is in the industry.

According to Dr. Anosh Ahmed, consider the company’s future earning capabilities and focus on its ability to generate long-term profits. You can do this by analyzing the company’s return on assets (ROA) and the return on equity (ROE). Likewise, examine the company’s assets, revenues, and profits before investing.

Value Investments

Value investing is another long-term strategy that requires you to buy stocks trading at a substantial discount. However, it is crucial to analyze the stocks’ intrinsic value. People who choose this investment strategy look for businesses with affordable valuation metrics, such as a low multiple of their assets or profits.

According to Dr. Anosh Ahmed, value investing can outperform growth for a prolonged period based on value adjustment. A short-term focus can decrease stock prices, creating exceptional opportunities for investors to buy stocks at an affordable price.

Dr. Anosh Ahmed recommends focusing on businesses and not stocks and investing in companies when you understand their operations. Look for well-managed companies if you want to make the most out of your long-term investment.

In addition, avoid stressing over-diversification and analyze the market before making a move. The purpose is to reduce risks, increase profitability likelihoods, and stay afloat in the market.

Dividend Investments

Dividend investing is a profitable strategy for long-term investors, allowing them to purchase stocks that pay dividends. The purpose is to generate an income streamlining from your invested money. The good news is that when this income can achieve growth due to stocks gaining value over time.

Besides, a company’s board of directors focuses on discretionary profit distribution by providing dividends to the current shareholders. You may receive a profit at least once or twice a year—some companies even payouts quarterly.

Although mutual funds and stocks seem profitable, they don’t always provide a solid financial ground for long-term investors. Therefore, Dr. Anosh Ahmed recommends staying aware of high yields because the stock price and dividend yield have an inverse relationship. So, the distribution is not always sustainable.

Moreover, if you own index funds or stocks, you are involved in dividend investing. Research shows that 77% of the Standard and Poor (S&P) 500 stocks pay a dividend. Although the dividend is 1.70% and does not seem a lot, it is much higher than the average saving account’s average percentage yield (APY) and treasury bond rates.

Final Words

Having a solid investment strategy is crucial for long-term profitability and risk mitigation. Your investment strategy must focus on a familiar industry or business, a management team you trust, and a company with a higher likelihood of competitive advantage, traction, momentum, and cash flow generation. Choose a strategy that best fits your needs. Until Next Time!

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