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Kumara Parvatha – The Dream Trek

Kumara Parvatha is one of the most popular trekking locations in India. People from all over the world come here to experience nature and its beauty. We wanted to share with you our experience and how we went about it to make sure that you can have a smooth journey as well.


The Kumara Parvatha hills are an addictive experience even for beginners as they offer beautiful view and an opportunity to see different kinds of vegetation within a short span of time. One can also enjoy scenic beauty by looking down the valleys and watch waterfalls, dams, lakes and rocks that are located below them.

About Kumara Parvatha Trek:

The Kumara Parvatha also known as Dream Trek is a hill near Madikeri, Karnataka. The place is popular for trekking and the mountain has a height of 1795 meters. This place also offers breathtaking views of the valleys which is one of the reasons it has become so popular among trekkers.

 It starts from Changunarayan and ends at Kumara Parvatha. The trek is a five-day journey, which starts by ascending to Gurudongmar Lake, then climbing to Drona Parbat and descending through forests, rivers and mountains.

Let’s trek the Adventure:

  • Kukke start point to Battremane @ 5.5 Kms:

  We had bunches of weight to convey, and with sticky climate, the trip appeared to be somewhat lengthy! Taking into account the dampness, we guaranteed that every one was conveying adequate measure of water.

We navigated through the woods for the initial 3kms, and in the wake of travelling for quite a while, the heaviness of the backpack began giving indications of substantialness. In any case, our spirits were excessively high to get stalled by gravity. So we continued walking along, making jokes, and chuckling.  The resonant sound of the stream and the cool wind pounded up the energy in us. We topped off our jugs, revived ourselves, and continued the trip. When the backwoods journey finished, we were welcomed with the charming view involving the colossal green mountains, aha!!

Pitch tent at Battremane campsite:

It was our first camping experience, and it was raining cats and dogs.The lightweight tents that we brought were not strong enough to endure such weather. So we decided to sleep over at Battremane.

We spent the evening singing and sharing stories among ourselves while the dinner was getting cooked.By 9, the food was served under a sky full of stars. There were around 200+ trekkers on the mighty Kumara Parvatha.


  • Kallumantapa @ 2.5 kms:

Next morning, we planned to begin our journey at around 6:30 a.m. In any case, wound up moving just at 8 a.m. From the Battremane to Kallumantapa, the journey was delicate. As we pushed ahead, we could see the excellence of the mountains and breathe in outside air, which has turned into a curiosity for us. There is a stream at Kallumantapa where one can top off the water bottles prior to continuing to some exhausting journey.

  • Sesha Parvatha @ 3 kms:

Sun began playing find the stowaway. When we began climbing towards Sesha Parvatha. Singing sun beams began to suck up our energy and our speed dialed back. In any case, the view was simply improving. The wonderful mountain vista helped me to remember the mountains in a dream film, “Master of the Rings.”

  • Kumara Parvatha @ 2 kms:

From SeshaParvatha to Kumaraparatha, it’s a moderate climb through the woodland. Besides, cooling temperatures and satisfying vegetation gave us enough inspiration to scale the strong Kumara Parvatha. The sensation of coming to the top was indefinable. Was it worth to climb such countless kilometers? Each step was worth, period!

  • Descend from Kumara Parvatha to Kukke Subramanya:

We kept steady over the mountain for a long while — meanwhile devouring our eyes with the great perspectives around us. We needed to slip 12.5 kms to arrive at the town of Kukke Subramanya. It seemed like the sun was making an honest effort to dial us back with its searing beams. So we took as much time as is needed to arrive at the base. When we arrived at Battremane, we ate our food, took our backpacks, and afterward began plummeting further.

It was alarming strolling through the backwoods in pitch dimness, and that as well, with dead irritated feet. However, I was cheerful; blissful on the grounds that each snapshot of the excursion caused me to feel invigorated. To summarize it, the experience was healthy. They say that each experience shows us something. Trust that I remember the examples of this experience!

Things to carry for this Trek:

  • Water 3 liters for every individual.
  • Great measure of tidbits.
  • Covers, conceals
  • Wear happy with dress and great journeying shoes.
  • Glucose, cucumber & orange.
  • HeadLight /light per individual.
  • Setting up camp pinion wheels if setting up camp else hiking bed to rest at battremane.


The whole path goes through thick timberlands, allowing you an opportunity to draw nearer to nature. On the off chance that you are one among the people who are caught in the metropolitan wilderness and longing for a retreat, then, at that point, likely you ought to simply want to spend your end of the week in the midst of the wild.  We flew down from Delhi, and it was absolutely worth the effort.

Indeed, this journey clearly caused us to accept that not simply the snow-clad pinnacles can blow our mind – however the various shades of green can do it as well! We were hypnotized by the vegetation that continued to change its air all through the path. While it was dim and thick initially, it gradually began changing to a more dried form of green. At the point when we arrived at Shesha Parvatha and peered down, it appeared to be that there were green waves behind us.

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