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Latest SugarCRM Plugins to Increase Business Efficiency

For years on years, SugarCRM software has been growing. The software is robust and always an exceptional choice to streamline business growth. There is no shortage of SugarCRM Plugins in the CRM industry, but choosing the right one is the biggest challenge. 

Why to choose SugarCRM extensions?

In the initial years, people did tons of tasks manually and found that herculean. A great product is an identity to minimize the user burden and make your business stronger in the market. It not only helps you with customization but is also intuitive for Integration. 

Knowing the Best product of SugarCRM and still not using it means killing your company with your own hands. Get the best experience with the top-notch extensions of SugarCRM mentioned below-

SugarCRM Email to Lead

Are you one of those who create and update records from inbound emails manually? Don’t you think it demands tons of effort from you? If yes, and you want a great extension for creating/updating records in SugarCRM then you landed in the right place. What’s the key solution? 

Buy now the Email to Lead plugin from Outright Store which helps to make records in Sugar automatically. That means it burns the idea of manually creating records from inbound emails. Everything is time-saving for your company! You need to fret no longer about dozens of inbound emails now. Get an incomparable experience from the Email to Lead add-on. You can create and update in any module of Sugar software. And you can set many fields with predefined tokens. Plus it will not create any duplicate records for any confusion. 

SugarCRM Mailchimp Integration

In the past, businesses followed the strategy of sharing email campaigns from Mailchimp and maintaining customer records in Sugar. We researched and found out that it is time-consuming for everyone. Introduced SugarCRM Mailchimp Integration Product with your Sales and Marketing team. A hassle-free extension that can make your email marketing activity more powerful and easier. 

Endeavor for the SugarCRM Mailchimp plugin and it will provide some superfine features such as Real-time synchronization, setting tons of Mailchimp accounts in CRM software, and more. Plus we are providing the freedom to choose any module according to your choice. And you can sync that module with the Mailchimp software. In addition, you all will love to know the email usage statistics from a rich add-on. Get every crucial piece of information to make decisions for your future growth. 

SugarCRM Recycle Bin

Deleted the records by mistake doesn’t mean your business is over. Get back all such necessary records once again in one click. One of the greatest SugarCRM Plugins that we are going to talk about is Record Restore Manager. 

You believe employees can delete any record accidentally. So, instead of creating any problem or choosing another long method to get back those records, buy a SugarCRM Recycle Bin first. Not to worry how many records were deleted as you will get back swiftly in your CRM once again. We are providing the functionality of Mass restore for everyone. 

This one is something unprecedented: suppose you deleted the record last month but you purchased our extension a few days back. Is it possible to get back that record? Yes, of course. This is the key functionality of the SugarCRM Recycle Bin of the premium version. The add-on is dominant for bringing records that were deleted before this extension installation in your CRM system. Some of the vital activities such as Emails, Notes, Calls, Meetings, etc will also get restored from this. 

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Outright CRM

Your best automated CRM choice should be "Outright CRM" that is providing stellar functionalities for your CRM business growth and development. So many activities you can perform faster such as planning of day to day task with your team, making meaningful relationship with leads, etc. An OutrightCRM is advanced enough to handle all this without any hurdle. Additionally, you can integrate it with any top-most business applications. It will be much easier for the organization to work faster and improve work productivity.

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