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Launching A Facebook Ads Campaign

More and more targeting possibilities have been added to Facebook’s advertising platform over time, as the platform has become more and more complicated. Therefore, it can be difficult for marketers to maximize the performance of their Facebook advertising if they don’t know how to use all of the targeting possibilities offered by Facebook. You can get in touch with Facebook Ads Agency in Washington

1. Make sure your ad manager is set up correctly

If this is your first time creating Facebook campaigns, you’ll need an ad account, a Facebook page, and a payment method. Facebook’s Ads Manager is a sophisticated dashboard that gives users an overview of all their campaigns.

Right off the bat, the dashboard highlights an estimate of how much you’re spending each day. The dashboard is organized into columns, making it easy to filter your ads and allow you to create a personalized view of your results. Key figures such as reach, frequency and cost are easily accessible, making performance reporting easy.

2. Define your campaign objectives!

There are many advertising objectives that can be used to help organizations achieve their business goals on Facebook. Instead of just focusing on generating “Page Likes”, “Website Clicks” or “Engagement” with Facebook Ads, the social network has expanded its range of advertising objectives to also include “Awareness”, “Consideration” and “Conversions”.

Each of these subcategories offers a unique set of ad units aimed at achieving a specific objective.


The goal of the awareness phase is to make people want to buy or use your product or service. Here are examples of campaign objectives for the awareness phase;

  • Brand awareness: Reach people who are more likely to remember your ads and spread awareness of your brand.
  • Reach: This means you want your ad to be shown to as many people in your audience as possible.

Interest and desire (consideration)

When your target is the interest and desire phase of your buyer persona , the goal is to get people to start thinking about your business and seeking more information about it. The example of campaign objectives for the consideration phase can be seen with these metrics;

  • Traffic: Increase the number of people visiting your website.
  • Engagement: Get more people to see and interact with your post or video. Page
  • App Installed: Send people to an app store where they can get your app.
  • Watching videos: You can get more people to watch your videos by promoting videos that show behind the scenes, product launches, or customer testimonials. This will help people learn more about your brand.
  • Lead Generation: People interested in your business can give you their email address so you can get in touch with them. This is called “lead generation”.
  • Messages: Messages are the way to get more people to have conversations with your business to get more leads, make sales, answer questions, or help people.

3.Use placement optimization

We often get asked about the best places to run Facebook ads. There are many different places where you can run Facebook ads. These places include the Facebook News Feed, Instagram Feed, Stories, Audience Network, and even within the Messenger app.

According to Facebook, the best way to run a campaign is to use all possible placements . This allows Facebook’s advertising platform to determine the most effective placements to achieve your goal at the best price.

This is called “placement optimization” on Facebook. The idea is that the more placements you use, the more data Facebook’s advertising platform has to learn and improve. This means the more she can learn, the more effective your campaigns will be. Never mind that this is one of Facebook’s suggested best practices for Facebook Ads. It’s important to think about where you want your ads to appear.

For example, advertisements served on the Audience Network will not attract people to interact with them. It might not be worth working on the Audience Network if you care about this parameter. We believe it is best to go to market with placement optimization and continue to develop what works best.

4. Budgeting

Facebook’s “campaign budget optimization” process is a way to ensure that a campaign isn’t spending too much money on different ad sets.

With campaign budget optimization, Facebook will always and automatically find the best ways. To reach your goal for all of your ad sets and spend more money on the ad sets that best meet your goal. These changes give the system more power over how you spend your money. This means you have less control as an advertiser. But they give the system more power to put your money to good use.

Be careful not to use campaign budget optimization for campaigns. That need to be seen in order to get the attention they need to be seen. Set the budget across all ads to ensure they will be seen.

5. Use mobile-first creative ideas

Is it a secret that social media is now primarily mobile-centric? Keep this in mind when running Facebook ads (or other social media ads). Make sure your ad creation looks nice on a small screen. Because you can run ads on Facebook and Instagram and they can be seen by lots of people. Take a look at the light banners, and make sure your video ads are no longer than 15 seconds or the first 5 seconds!

Mobile-first creative will help you get more people into your marketing funnels for less money. Make sure your ads are visible on phones.

6. Know the difference between broad targeting and specific targeting

In the past, the goal of Facebook ad targeting was to be as specific as possible . Today, the goal is to be more general.  However, as the competition is stronger and the Facebook advertising platform has changed, being very specific in targeting can sometimes be more expensive.

In this case, you are telling the system. You want to show ads to a certain number of people no matter what. Because of this, as an advertiser. You compete with other advertisers to reach a small group of people who are also targeted by other advertisers.

Costs could go up, and Facebook doesn’t have much to learn from this situation at all. As a result, Facebook has more touchpoints to tap into when you broaden your targeting a bit. It will automatically deliver your ad to people in your target audience who are most likely to take the action you want.

During this time, the system is also looking for the best way to spend the money in order to get more results for less money. We think you should try it for yourself to see if it works for you. When trying to save money, consider going a little further.

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