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Leh ladakh tour: Best Time to Go


Leh ladakh is a very well known tourist place. It is known for the environment, the mesmerizing scenery and all the beautiful places. If you are planning a tour to Ladakh then there are a few months that are considered as the ideal time to visit. The ideal season is the summer season that is from April to the month of July. 

Best Time to Visit Leh Ladakh


The summer season (April – June) – These are considered the best months to visit Ladakh because during this time the main Manali-Leh highway is open. This is the peak season and Leh is filled with tourists.. The season is also perfect and a lot of students have a holiday during the month of May. Even in summers it is quite cold and the temperature rises only upto 30 degrees. The lowest temperature can be around 10 degrees. In the Khardung La pass, even in summers there are chances that you can find snow. During this season you can even camp near the famous  Pangong Tso Lake which is known for its scenic view. You also get a chance to travel through the highest motorable pass which is the Khardung La. In this time period you should consider visiting different monasteries. The summer season opens a lot of different opportunities for you like going to treks, visiting different passes and valleys. Yuru Kabgyat, Hemis Festivals and SakaDawa are the festivals that are celebrated in the summer season. Don’t forget to carry sunscreen as the sunlight might be on you for a long time. 


The monsoon season (July – September) – The temperature is around 10-20 degrees at this time of the month. The monsoons are harsh like the winters. The weather is pleasant enough during this time when you can roam around. During this season you can get to experience one of the famous adventurous things which is white water river rafting. The Kang Yatse trek and the Markha Valley trek are well known during this time. The festivals that are celebrated during this period are Karsha Gustor which is organized at Karsha which is the biggest monastery of the Zanskar village. The  Phyang Tsedup is an annual function and the KorzokGustor is located near Moriri lake. If you are traveling during this season make sure you carry a raincoat with you and  quick dry clothes. Before you plan the  trip during this season make sure you do a weather check. There are high chances that in the monsoon season you may face landslides, so be very careful when you are traveling. 


The winter season (October -March) – This is the season where you will find the maximum snow during. The temperature in winters is below zero degrees. The mornings might still be a little warm but the evenings would be very chilly. The Chadar trek which is very famous is a great adventure activity that you can do in this season. The other well known treks of this season are Frozen River Trek and the Zanskar Valley trek. A lot of festivals are celebrated during winter like SpitukGustor, Thiksey Gustor, Matho Monastery festival and Ladakhi Losar. In this season a lot of the roads may be shut due to snowfall which is why you may find less tourists. Since the weather will be cold enough, carry warm clothes, gloves, woolen cap,etc. Ladakh’s famous butter tea and thukpa would be good enough to keep you warm. In this season the Manali-Leh highway is shut as the snow blocks the entire highway making it impossible to travel. The frozen river trek is a very famous trek of the winter season. In the winter season the river Zanskar is completely frozen which acts as a mode of travel for people. 


One of the famous things that you can do during the Leh ladakh tour is the Leh Ladakh bike trip which starts from Manali. The best time for traveling to Leh Ladakh is the summer season. The summer season is when you get to travel to all places which are open. In winters a lot of the places get shut because there is heavy snowfall which causes the roads to get blocked. During monsoon season there is a lot of risk as there might be landslides which may again cause few places to stop. So the summer season is the best one as most of the places are open and majorly the Manali-Leh highway also opens up. If you are planning a trip then do look at the weather forecasts before making bookings.

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