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Morganite Stone – Is it Worthless or Valuable?

Morganite stone, also known as beryl and aquamarine, is a naturally-occurring gemstone that has recently been popularized by being set in engagement rings by high-end jewelers like Tiffany’s. The stone has become very popular in the past decade, but the question remains: Is morganite valuable? This article will shed some light on the subject of morganite value and help you decide whether or not you should purchase this stone.

What is morganite?

Morganite is a pink-hued variety of beryl and actually belongs to a group of gemstones called beryl. Other members of beryl include aquamarine, emerald, golden beryl, and goshenite. While all of these stones are known for their beautiful pastel hues (when they aren’t treated), morganite has a much deeper tone that tends to complement light skin tones very well. Morganite can be found in Afghanistan, Brazil, Burma (or Myanmar), Madagascar, Mozambique, Namibia, Russia and Sri Lanka. It was named after financier J.P. Morgan because of its deep color and resemblance to his eye color!

What are the different kinds of morganite?

There are several different types of morganite, such as rainbow moonstone, rosella moonstone and peacock morganite. Morganite falls into a group of minerals called silicates. Most silicates contain silicon and oxygen in a tetrahedral arrangement, but some also include other elements such as aluminum, iron or chromium. The name morganite comes from its discovery by geologist J.P. Morgan in Madagascar in 1910 (others credit Dr. George F. Kunz with its discovery).

However, morganite is not unique to Madagascar; it can be found in Brazil, China and California as well. Morganite is actually a variety of pink feldspar known as pink orthoclase. It gets its color from manganese impurities that cause interference with light waves when they enter crystals of pink orthoclase at certain angles (the phenomenon known as pleochroism). When you see red flashes or purple flashes in morganite, that’s caused by another optical effect called dispersion—different wavelengths of light entering at different angles are bent differently depending on their wavelength. This causes colors to appear iridescently within the stone’s body instead of just on its surface like most gemstones do.

What color is morganite?

Morganite is a pinkish-orange color. It is actually a beryl gemstone which means that morganite gemstones can also be yellow and blue. The name morganite comes from J.P. Morgan, an American banker who loved to collect different colored beryl gems and whose legacy lives on in these beautiful stones today. If you want to find out if your stone is really morganite, you will need to test its hardness: if your stone scratches glass then there’s a good chance that you have real morganite in your possession! So much fun right?! To learn more about how to identify whether or not your stone is truly morganite, check out our complete guide here.

What factors affect the value of morganite stones?

You can say that each has its own level of value. For example, morganite with a deep pink or red color has more value than other shades of pink. One benefit of buying colored gemstones like morganite is that you’ll get what you pay for – so if you buy a high-quality stone from a reputable seller, you’re more likely to end up with something valuable. Color isn’t everything though –the size and cut also matter!

Where can you find more information about the value of this stone?

You can find more information about Morganite’s value by visiting Google and searching morganite stone value. You will find plenty of jewelry store websites with listings for how much you can expect. To pay for a Morganite gemstone as well as pictures and even videos that will allow you to see what a Morganite stone looks like. As with all precious stones. Certain attributes of each individual gemstone will greatly affect its price in both online and offline markets. Prices vary widely depending on size, shape, quality, quantity available, color , and weight.

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