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Most Popular Medical Courses in China

Medical Courses in China

Study MBBS in China for International Students

MBBS is a popular choice of international education in China. Students come from all over the world and especially from India to study at prestigious Chinese universities. Study MBBS in China is a practical dream for many students. I am listing some most popular medical courses in China. Also, well-known Chinese universities offer higher medical education to deserving candidates. So, you can turn your desire into medical education with our advice. We are proud to give you effective advice on the international medical profession. To apply for an MBBS course in China, applicants must provide at least 70% of the PCB. Otherwise, candidates must score 200 points in the NEET.

Cost of Study MBBS in China

MBBS courses in China are affordable, so students can easily afford them. Postgraduate students can pay between $ 4,000 and $ 5,000 per year to study medicine at Chinese medical universities. In addition, Chinese medical colleges are recognized by WHO and NMC. Several world medical councils and the NMC approve more than 25 Chinese medical universities. Upon completion of the degree, Indian students must pass an NMC exit exam in order to practice medicine in India. If you are interested in studying at a foreign university, apply for MBBS courses in China. The benefits of MBBS training in China are many.

What is Need to do MBBS in China?

There are most popular and valid reasons behind choosing study MBBS in China:

  1. In China, there are 45 MBBS universities approved by the NMC to offer medical guidance.
  2. High-level state-of-the-art infrastructure is another reason to study MBBS in China.
  3. The admission process is simple.
  4. Students admitted to Chinese medical universities are ranked internationally.
  5. There is little chance of visa denial in this country.
  6. China is a safe country because of the low crime rate for Indian students.
  7. Postgraduate medical students have access to world-class MBBS programs in China at affordable prices.

Most Popular Medical Courses in China

Here I am listing the study MBBS in China course and time duration according to al the Universities:

  1. Course: MBBS (Bachelor)

Total Duration:  6 Years

  1. Course: Dentistry (Bachelor)

Total Duration:  5 Years

  1. Course: Pharmacy (Bachelor)

Total Duration: 4 Years

  1. Course: Nursing (Bachelor)

Time Duration:  4 Years

Total Time Period of MBBS in China

  1. China is the best place to study MBBS courses because of the international standard of education.
  2. The Chinese Medical Institute is promoting six-year MBBS courses.
  3. In China, students complete five years of study.
  4. They must complete one year of internship at a medical facility.

Eligibility criteria to Take Admission for MBBS in China

  1. Students must follow these guidelines to obtain an MBBS degree in China:
  2. The age of medical applicants should be between 17 and 25 years.
  3. Candidates must pass a standard 12 exam from a recognized board with a score of 60% in the science process.
  4. Requirements for the NEET exam are required for direct admission to the best universities in China.

Papers Necessary for MBBS Admittance in China

To study MBBS in China, candidates must submit all of these required documents.

  1. Notarized copy of birth certificate of candidates.
  2. Assessment sheets and certificates for exams 10 and 12.
  3. HIV test report.
  4. Passport size photos.
  5. Official Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Delhi.
  6. Letter of invitation from the relevant medical university.
  7. Copy of passport.
  8. NEET score card.

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