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Have a fun and entertaining time and earn money by playing games on your smartphone. Make money with all the money-earning apps that are widely used in India. People really love the concept of winning huge money prizes with these apps. You can play these games anywhere and anytime you want! Utilize your free time with these apps and make it much more fun and productive! Winnings could be there in huge numbers, and that can be really fascinating for some people who are professional gamers or love to play games online. 

Just have a look at some of the best money earning apps and earn money by playing games with the help of your smartphone. 

How will you earn from these money earning apps in India?

You must be wondering how you will earn money by playing games or from these money earning apps. 

  • You would win money with the help of referrals and bonuses on your first sign-ups. 
  • You also earn with the help of cashback schemes that will make the cash fall into your account. 
  • Do the specific tasks which are allotted and earn money from them in the form of bonuses, points, and coins and then get them into your bank account. 



Dangal games is a massive platform for all the users to make their entry into their favorite games and earn money by playing games. Multiple games would definitely lead to various winnings as well. You will be surprised to see the fantastic user interface and different gaming features that would attract you to it. 

Also, an instant withdrawal system would help you enjoy the games much more! Up to 50 games have already made their space in the app, and many more are still to come! 


Here comes one of the best money earning apps in India, which uplifts many people with their business. This app helps you sell products online and promote them on social media. If any product gets sold, the profit of your part would be given to you, and that is how you earn in this app. You can make use of it if you are looking to open up a business or something like that. It will really help you to gain maximum profits and create huge earnings. 


This is one handy app that helps you earn money with various fun tasks! You just have to watch any youtube video in your free time, or you can also go for referrals to your friends and family to earn more bonus points. Your money would instantly come to your Paytm wallets and be totally hassle-free. 


Fantasy Dangal is a fantasy cricket app which provides its users the best playing experience. Who does not like to make their own team and win prizes with that? Playing tournaments and leagues on the fantasy cricket app would lead to huge winnings daily.

Refer it to your friends and family to earn more bonus points with it. Choose your team and make money with all the matches that you play! 

Download the app now from the website of Fantasy Dangal and register your account to make your first sign-up and earn bonus points with that. It is one easy way to earn money by playing games definitely! If you are a cricket fan, then you must go for this fantasy cricket app. 


Here is one most popular money earning apps that you can download on your smartphone. It will help you earn money by getting coupons or any cashbacks from your payments done, and you will get more frequent cashback and coupons that will avail you of yield cash in your wallet. You can easily access this app and can download it without any hassle.

  • Loco

Earn money by playing games! Just download the app and play all your favorite games with this app. There would be live streaming as well for the games and play quizzes to win more money every day. 

You can download this app easily and have fun daily by signing up for this app. 


This is one app that gives the best experience to its users. There is so much to do in this app from which you can earn a good amount of money with it. There are so many tests that you can do to earn money from this website. Go to the website and see what all you can do to make money with it. Also, earn with the help of referrals that you would do. 


These are some best real money apps that would help you to earn money by playing games. You can download them and have fun in your free time to earn more money. Making money from the internet is much more feasible now for you. Start now! 

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