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Professional home buyers at wichita Kansas

home buyers

Get a Generous Cash Offer for Your Property in Hours Do you need to sell your home? The experts at HomeBuyers of Kansas can take all the worry out of that sometimes confusing and stressful process.

If you’re facing foreclosure, inherited property, tired landlord, divorce, bankruptcy, job loss, job transfer,

or ANY OTHER REASON you need to sell your home, we can manage all manner of services you might require.

We have helped many homeowners in your area, and we are confident we can help you too! Contact us or email your information today and see what we can do for you! We hope to hear from you soon.

If you need to sell your home, this is a place to start. Get a generous cash offer in hours! Call us today and our home buying specialist will answer all your questions.

We can also visit your home for your convenience. Get in touch with us to discuss your closing date.

Case Study

I grew up pretty broke, and did Homebuyers Of Kansas provides home buying, home investing, and property buying services to the Wichita, KS area.

We are Kansas Proud and locally owned.

all the things us Millennials were told to do in order to be moderately successful, but graduated in 2008 with a degree that was in something.

I was passionate about, not something particularly in demand or well paid.

So I don’t have any credit card or other consumer debt, but unable to land a suitable role after University.

I followed it up with grad school so I have a 15k student loan.

In Advance

I got a decent (well paid, not pleasant) job and bought my first home in 2017, in NZ, and I recently sold.

The market is bananas over there, so I ended up with about 120k once everything was paid up.

It’s changed the way I think about money and what I actually have to show for the forty hours a week I give to someone else for a paycheck.

I have been looking at property over here (Brisbane), but not experiencing the emotional / fomo component that comes with buying your first home. I’m not in any urgent rush.

Part of me doesn’t want to feel trapped by a mortgage because I felt that way last time – I really hated my job.

I don’t enjoy my current job, but it’s not the worst I’ve ever had and I get to work from home which has been a massive perk through covid.

I think a lot about how housing is not an “active” form of investment, and believe I can create something better for myself and my community by starting a business,

using my current liquid assets to support myself living frugally while I get that off the ground.

But is the road to financial freedom through owning property? It’s been the only way I’ve ever made any real money.

Or at least paying off an asset so that one day my accommodation costs are negligible when I have to stop working.

Is there some third option I haven’t thought of?

Some way to do both?

I feel like I need a proper grown-up to tell me what to do because I don’t trust myself to make a good choice.

So far my financial and career decisions have been a bit hit and miss.

Thanks in advance for your help and let me know if more specific info would influence your advice.


f you don’t want to be trapped by a mortgage then shares will do well for you, specifically index funds which the other commenter has detailed.

In saying that it sounds like you would do well from starting a business.

I’ve met a few people who can’t function properly as just a cog in the machine and need their own direction and independence.

If you resonate with that a business will grant you that freedom, albeit with a lot of work and a lot of risk.

Certainly not something to just quit your current job and dive into.


Why Do People Sell Their Homes to Us

  • Foreclosure avoidance
  • Unwanted rental property
  • Getting rid of frustrating tenants
  • Vacant property
  • Unwanted inherited property
  • Relocation to another place
  • Realtor commission avoidance
  • Financial freedom

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