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Outdoor advertising SMD Screens represent all communication solutions carried out in the public domain. It is mainly found in urban areas, where the passage is important. It brings together different techniques such as a standard static display (OOH), advertising screens, and other digital solutions (DOOH) as well as pre-sign and street-marketing techniques.

Contrary to popular belief, these are always very effective techniques. Indeed, the French are spending more and more time outside their homes. They are constantly on the move, whether for work, lunch, shopping, or entertainment.

According to an INSEE study in 2019, an average of 7h45 a day was spent outside the home compared to 5h43 in 1999 (according to the national transport and communication survey, and transport and travel). This average value is all the greater for people living in towns. However, the population tends more and more to urbanize. Less than 70% of us lived in the city in the 1960s, compared to more than 80% since 2016.

This is why it is very interesting to communicate outside the home with an audience that is often more receptive. Especially since outdoor advertising techniques make it possible to reach a large number of people at a relatively low cost. Advertising screens are part of the new outdoor communication solutions. They meet growing demand from advertisers and a desire for modernity and visual quality, as well as many communication issues.


Although outdoor advertising is very present in the city, it is still highly effective. Screens attract the eye 83% of individuals consider screens more attractive (AMCA study). Similarly, a study by the OAAA (outdoor advertiser associations of America) has shown that urban display and dynamic display advertising tend to influence the destination or decisions of passers-by.

This is all the more true if, in addition to the brand identity, the message provides quality information for the passerby. We think in particular at the local level with a communication anchored to a territory that allows readers to better identify themselves. However, the advertising screens do not only attract local actors in search of identification. They are also popular with large digital groups such as Netflix, Amazon, and Google who wish to use this power of influence in the field to communicate about their services.

This is the great advantage of outdoor communication screens. They make it possible to multiply the advertisers, whereas those are from multiple sources. Large groups of local artisans all have an interest in gaining visibility. They also make it possible to mix messages between advertising local information to better arouse the interest of the viewer.


The outdoor advertising sector is so attractive that it is constantly evolving. A distinction is mainly made between the standard display (OOH) and dynamic display (DOOH), which remain complementary means of communication. The dynamism of one attracts attention while the static image of the other allows the message to be better visually integrated. However, the digital version makes it possible to generate higher profitability. This is why many billboards are going digital and replacing them with giant SMD Screens.

However, outdoor advertising displays, whatever they may be, remain subject to regulatory constraints in terms of size and shape. These rules are also stricter in the area of ​​DOOH. On the other hand, in the context of use as a sign or pre-sign, the regulations on outdoor signage offer more flexibility in terms of size and shape. The communication screens also offer more possibilities of display and format, so there is more opportunity to communicate differently.

Finally, they also participate in the modernization of the urban space and make it possible to reduce the number of advertising panels by concentrating communications in one location.

This is why the advertising screens seem to be the solution which follows the best dynamics these last years. Indeed, although impacted by the health crisis, their share of the world market should increase by 12.6% by 2023. A large part of this growth will be generated in Europe, for 32.7% (according to a study carried out by Allied Market Research in 2016).

The old continent is somewhat behind in its use of advertising screens compared to the United States or the eastern countries of Aise. Especially as the solutions are modernized and democratized. Giant SMD screens are now more accessible for traders and communities.

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