The Essential Guide To Lace Closure Wigs

Lace closure wigs are becoming increasingly popular among black women, who use it to create various hairstyles. Normally, hair bundles are used to sew in a wig. While this is an old method of making a wig, people now prefer to use hair bundles in conjunction with lace closures to create an invisible and natural look. Let us explain why we use lace closures when making wigs today.

What is Lace Closure Wigs

lace closure wigs are typically 4×4 inch in size and covers a portion of a wig on your head. There are now 5×5 inch lace closures, 6×6 lace closures, and 7×7 lace closures available. Sellers divide the lace closure into three sections: free, middle, and three-part. If you’re not sure which part to choose, we recommend going with the free part, which allows you to part in any direction you want.

You may be wondering how I chose it. The difference between these lace closures is the size of the lace. You can select a different size based on your needs.

The larger the lace closure, which means the lace closure covers a larger area on your head, the more natural your wig will look, and you can cover part of the lace that is invisible and undetectable.

Of course, the price varies; the larger the item, the higher the price. If a customer wants to have real hair like their own, they can choose lace frontal, which comes in a variety of styles. 13×4 inch lace frontal, 13×6 inch lace frontal, and 360 lace frontal are examples. The 360 lace frontal covers the entire line of your head. So, no matter what hairstyle you choose, this frontal will look more natural than other wigs.

Features of Lace Closures

  1. The lace we used was imported from Switzerland, and the materials are excellent. As a result, the lace is both durable and breathable. Even the strongest man cannot break the lace by hand. Please do not be concerned about the lace’s quality.
  2. The hair is real, 100 percent human hair. Never mix other hairs with ours; we only use real human sew in hair. One by one, the masters sew the hair onto the lace. As a result, there are hair knots on the lace. You can bleach the knots to make them disappear, but be careful not to damage the hair.
  3. Hairline has been pre-plucked. We use different hair density to close to the real hair in different hair areas. Customers are not required to pluck the hair because it has been pre-plucked. Of course, if you believe it is not suitable for your hair, you can pluck a little more.
  4. Baby hair on the sides of the hairline. We leave a small amount of baby hair around the lace closure. You can style it however you want.

How to Install lace Closure Hair

You can leave a part for closure wigs when sewing in a closure wig. Lace closures should be combined with hair bundles to create a full hair wig.

First, select a wig cap and draw a line for the hair weft and lace closure. Place the wig cap on the standing head and mark the corns with a marker pen.

Second, using a needle and thread, sew in the closure weave from the backside of the wig cap along the hairline you marked.

Third, pin the lace closure to the foam stand. Sew the lace closure to the left side.

Fourth, flatten the hair and comb the wig you made. If the lace closure you buy is a free part, you can use it.

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